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suede shoes with a tux?

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i was looking at these shoes to wear with my new tux but i don't know if they break with tradition too much, or if the texture would work. i've got a single button shawl satin collar cut close with relatively slim pants, and a spread collar w/ concealed placket formal shirt. i like the idea of pumps but i don't want the bows on them, so i thought these would work. i know the standard is patent or velvet but i'm wondering if suede would work with this particular tux, and if they would even look dark enough in suede. opinions please.

John Varvatos Lexington Pump
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I have a similar pair of suede pumps that I wear with formal wear. I always get compliments, and I like that they're not the run of the mill patent leather formal shoe. I'm not sure how high quality Varvatos shoes are, but they look OK.
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thanks! so the black suede looks good against black formal trousers then? do they look "black" enough, especially in artificial light at night? as far as quality, i've owned other shoes that got alot more day to day wear than these ever will and they have so far held up beautifully, so i don't think quality will be a problem.
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sorry to bump, but does anyone else have an opinion on suede shoes with formalwear?
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Looks good to me if the shoes are as dark as it is in the picture.
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I'd say go for it. Those don't look too different from velvet slippers, which are something of a classic.
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The linked shoes are not really traditional but they are pretty unobtrusive and I think they'd look fine and bother no one.
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the only thing im worried about suede is that they fade sometimes
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Allen-Edmonds made some suede pumps for awhile. I mildly regret not having acquired a pair when they were on deep discount. However, since I haven't had occasion to wear a tux since then, nor do I anticipate it coming up anytime in the foreseeable future, passing on them was probably not a major mistake.
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Originally Posted by sl33p3rs View Post
the only thing im worried about suede is that they fade sometimes

I thought the OP intended to wear them indoors with artificial lighting on and faaaaar away from a single ray of sun.... shouldn't fade IMHO.

I'd get them if I didn't already have formal shoes.
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I think they would look okay.
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