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The final word...

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This is the final word on whether or not a gold solid or majority pattern tie is stylish worn with a white spread collar dress shirt (Oleg Cassini, Donna Karen, Marso Varosou) with any colour suit belonging to the white/gray/black spectrum. I have many friends that say it is perfectly fine, and wear the combination to semi-formal events, yet my sister and a friend (girl) both say it is not a dashing look in the least. However, my girlfriend seems to love it (she was raised in a very formal setting [shirts always tucked in, no baggy clothing, suits worn to any remotely dressy event and always worn to church, no exceptions, etc], as was I). What do you think?
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I don't think there's any doubt that the look you describe is perfectly stylish.  If a guy had to get by with only one variety of shirt collar, I think he might do well to choose spread collar.  I think virtually of my white dress shirts have spread collars.  These collars match up particularly well with french cuffs for a very elegant look.   And with the gold tie you describe, I think it's especially sharp.  Just yesterday I wore a white spread collar/french cuffed shirt with solid gold/yellowish tie and navy pinstripe suit to work, and to a deposition that I took.  That gold tie used to be my go-to tie when I was first interviewing for jobs (though not with a french cuffed shirt during the interview process), as I think it's a nice, power tie alternative (to, say, red). So in most cases where wearing a suit and tie is appropriate to begin with, I think the look you describe is great.
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I agree, Jofaile, although I'm noy particularl fond of solid ties. Probably due to all the HIDEOUS ones I wore in the 70s.
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Jofaile, I wore a white french-cuffed dress shirt with a gold tie and a blue 3-button suit to a Christmas party a few months ago and received tons of compliments. Go for it, and with the spread collar you'll look even more elegant. And hold on to the girlfriend. It's hard to find ones with style
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I had planned to wear a gold pattern tie (not solid Steve, it has a very small oval pattern with a hint of blue between the gold ovals) with one of my white spread collars (I love spread collars though I have straight point collars just to mix it up a bit) and a black three-button for Easter. Anyway, thanks for all of your feedback.  
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