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Altering french cuff shirts

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Exactly how difficult is it to shorten the sleeve length of double cuff shirts? Just an inch or so. To my mind it wouldn't seem that difficult, only concern being the placket and placket buttons, but then again I've never made a shirt before. Perhaps Alex would be able to elucidate on this? Thanks Denning
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Not too difficult. Should cost +/- $15. Only bring to a good tailor that you've worked with before.
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Shortening is easy unless you have to move the placket, in which case more skill and time are required. The placket button is normally 2"-2.25" up from the cuff. Hence, if you shorten the sleeve 1" it will now be 1" up. A bit strange, perhaps, but not too terrible when compared with the additional cost of removing and re-attaching the placket.
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A somewhat related question: is it possible to reduce the wrist circumference of a double cuff?
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Not by more than 1/2" (by partially closing the link holes) which will then mandate the use of only skinny flip-backs.
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damn my girlish wrists.....
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