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Originally Posted by RingTail View Post

Any ideas on where I can find a tie similar to this one, 3" / 8 cm wide, burgundy with blue print?
It's out of stock at Drakes



Check out E.G. Cappelli's on-line store: http://www.patriziocappelli.it/catalog/

Look under 'Twill' ties; I think you might find something similar from Page 6 onwards.
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spoo -- since you missed out on the earlier Drakes navy shantung due to width, I thought I'd point out that there are now some fantastic new options at ASW -- and they come in both 8 and 9 cm widths!

A bit pricey at regular price, but still...


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^ Those are wonderful. Thanks for thinking of me!
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Is this soporific? biggrin.gif

A piece of art from Finamore:

Unlined 9 fold repp tie, the bar tack is sewn at 30 (!) cm from the tip.




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Top two pics are soporific. Last two pics give new meaning to the phrase "tie boner". Such a beautiful tie!
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That is a pretty nice (and soporific) tie. Is it yours?
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Thanks guys satisfied.gif

@Spoo, yes it's mine and...I don't want to sell it biggrin.gif
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alexSF -- how would one refer to those edges? It's untipped, and from the front, the edges sort of look handrolled, but it's actually stitched/sewn. I've seen this with some other Italian makers (e.g., my unlined Cappelli). Just curious if there's some terminology I don't know...
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The big difference between this type of edges and the classic handrolled edges is that these are pressed, and I think that it depends from the weight of the fabric.
However could also be a simple choice of the tiemaker.
Both types of handstiched edges are called in Italian "orlino a mano".
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So sad this thread has 2 new posts in a month. frown.gif
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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

So sad this thread has 2 new posts in a month. frown.gif


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Originally Posted by poorsod View Post


Yay! By whom?
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