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My new Isaia suit

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First off, ignore the fabric of this jacket.  Sierra Trading Post goofed and sent me the wrong suit, and then the one I had originally ordered was out of stock.  This one looks like it was made for some sort of farmer pimp. But I figured I could at least use it as an opportunity to gauge the fit of Isaia.  I regularly wear a 40R, and this suit is a 50 Euro.  I've never worn a suit quite this fitted through the waist, but I think I like it.  I'm a little concerned that it may be too snug though.  In the pictures, it looks to be pulling a bit at the buttoning point.  The stripes in the fabric give this away by distorting a bit right around the button.  Does that mean the jacket is too tight, or is this normal?  It feels ok to me.  Not constricting at all. Any other comments on the fit of the jacket?  I would definitely want to shorten the sleeves a bit, but other than that, my non-expert eye didn't see anything obvious that needed change.   I love the styling and craftsmanship of this suit.  I definitely plan to add some Isaia to my collection in the future.
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Another person with courage. Kudos to you. As to critique, I am sorry, but cannot offer any- the image opens too dark on my monitor. From what little I could see, the fit around the shoulders looks good, but I wonder if the collar is lifting in the back a bit. Hopwever, any fit issues are somewhat artificial since you will not have had the opportunity to have a tailor check and make necessary alterations. Good luck with the exchange.
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pretty good given that its fresh off the rack with no tweaking whatsoever. maybe just a little more waist suppression than what would ideally suit you, sleeves as noted, but all things considered, pretty good.
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Looks great, though you might want to let out the waist an inch or two, though the coat buttons do hang vertically, which is good. Tightness of the waist creates/emphasizes impression of wideness at hip vs. shoulders.
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looks great
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That's it, baby. You nailed it.
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Agree with you on the shortening of the sleeves, so that you're showing about 1/2 inch of shirt cuff. Aside from that, I think it's a very nice fit, particularly in the waist.
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I'd say overall it is very nice - I especailly like the fit of the back. My nit picks - It seems just a fraction short, but this could be the perspective of the camera. I couldn't say for sure unless the camera was further away. Not much you could do either way. It does look quite fitted in the the waist, but it doesn't seem snug enough to pull the fabric around the first button. I'd say if it feels alright - it looks good. On the other hand it wouldn't hurt to let the waist out a tad. Probably close enough that you will want to make the decision based on the replacement from STP.
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Shoulders and back look nice. I'd let the waist out a little. The middle looks tight rather than sleek. Too bad about STP's goof.
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 This one looks like it was made for some sort of farmer pimp.
Ernest... Suit for FARMER pimp... BTW, suit looks good...
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Looks too tight at the waist, otherwise perfect : which means a size up won't look good. If you can't button the bottom button, it means it's too tight. luc
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I wouldn't change anything about (except maybe the sleeves if you so desire). You could let the waist out a little but just to calm down the waist supression, but I wouldn't do that, I think the sillhouette looks very nice.
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Thanks to everyone for the feedback.  The opinions seem to have confirmed my initial thoughts.  In general, I love the way this suit fits.  Way better than anything else currently in my closet.  But I was concerned that it may be a bit tight around the waist.  I think if I can clear up the mix-up with STP and get a suit I actually want for that same price, I'll probably just take it to the tailor to have the sleeves finished, and get his opinion on whether or not it's worth it to mess with the waist. To change the subject slightly, for those of you with more experience with Isaia, is this what I can expect from most of their suits?  Just wondering if this is their typical cut, or if they have different cuts and styles that would vary a lot from this one.  When buying online, it can be difficult to tell. I ask because I love the styling of this suit.  A nice roll over the third button, good stance and gorge, etc.  And even though I'm not wearing them in the pics, the pants are great too.  Slim-fitting, fairly low-rise, and one shallow pleat-- or maybe it's more of a "dart." it's unlike my typical pleated pants.
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Very typical of Isaia RTW --- high button stance and gorge.
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