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Oxxford Suit Manhattan II N2 Model

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How is the Manhattan II N2 model compared to other Oxxford model, in terms of cut, shoulder shape, waist suppression, etc? Is it more "trad" or more British or more Italian?
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Don't know. The Oxxford website might shed some light. I saw a list recently of all the different models and there were dozens....
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I'll say first off that I've found that the model has slightly more padding when a heavier cloth is used, and lighter padding when a 4 season or 3 season weight is used. That said: (1) Lightly padded, sloped shoulder falling more or less on the natural shoulder line. Recent versions have an 18.75" shoulder for a size 40. Very natural, and light in weight. Wonderul to wear. (2) Very soft chest, but not draped. Recent versions have a 43 inch chest for a size 40. (3) Button stance is pretty classic. Recent versions have the button about 1/2" above the navel (depending on where your navel is, of course). (4) Length of the jacket is pretty standard -- 31" from bottom of the collar for a 40R. Overall, however, jacket appears slightly shorter visually. (5) Recent versions have about an average width lapel and fairly average gorge height. (6) Waist suppression OTR is not that much. But it isn't a sack by any means (probably 2 inches of waist supression OTR, and darted of course). I have an M2 and got it taken in and the waist with no problem. Not a "sexy" suit, but a well fitting one that is very comfortable and perfect for business. So well made, yet subtley so.
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JN3, thanks a lot for the response. What did you mean by "Very soft chest, but not draped" though? Is 43 chest for a 40R considered "loose" and is that what you meant by "very soft"?
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What do I mean by soft, but not draped. Well, I mean that it doesn't have a heavy, stiff chest piece like some English makers might use. So, it doesn't feel or look bulky or unnatural at all. It really molds to the shape of your chest and with just a bit of swell so that it looks more three dimensional than flat. By not draped, I mean that while it is soft, it doesn't really have excess cloth in the chest that will create folds and such. A 43 inch chest is for a 40R is about average these days, in my opinion. I find the model pretty true to size. If I could only say one thing about the Manhattan, it is that it is the most comfortable coat I've worn.
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