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Extra-long ties

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As a 6'5" guy I frequently find that "standard" length ties are a bit short on me - the small blade doesn't reach the retaining loop (or just barely does), and this also limits my knot choices somewhat. I found Brooks Brothers to have the best selection I've come across so far of extra-long ties, but I wanted to see if there are others (makers, stores) people would recommend. Also, for the tie-makers out there, does 7 fold (or 4 fold) contruction make "extra long" impossible?  I would think it would, unless the tie was made extra wide as well, but I wanted more than conjecture on this point. Thanks --------------- cpac
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I believe our very own FIH ties features extra long ties. His service policy is excellent and the selection of regular length ties is very good.
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Robert Talbot offers a very wide array of beautiful ties specifically made in longer lengths. Their Madison Ave., NY store has several draws full--Actually, after seeing their long ties, I wish I were a couple inches taller myself Grayson
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I'm pretty sure Carlo Franco offers x-longs, too. You should contact FIH and Carlo Franco and see what they have. I've run across x-long Hermes, Altea and Etro as well. They're out there. Like Grayson, they just make me wish I was taller and needed them.
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I'm also 6'5", but have gotten so used to tying regular length ties that I get confused on the long ones (probably because I don't wear ties enough). I use looped scotch tape to connect the short blade, this works pretty well. Also, I'm not very adventurous with knots, though that will probably change if I stick around here long enough. Sorry this doesn't answer your question but thought the tape trick might help with your existing tie supply. Charles
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Failing all suggested options, you can have your ties made to your own individual specifications--bespoke--by the nice folks at Marinella. Grayson
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I believe our very own FIH ties features extra long ties.  His service policy is excellent and the selection of regular length ties is very good.
Thanx Marc. Yes I do have them here, http://www.fourinhand.com/catalog.asp?dept=101008 and am adding to them regularly. No problem with the tie width although higher up the tie can either bottle out or angle evenly out depending and this will make a difference in the thickness of the knot. Also I am aware of the keeper being too "low" on the ties am am working to change that in the X-longs. Chuck and Jill of www.carlofranco.com also have a selection of X-long 7 and 4 folds. email or PM Jill and or Carlo here. No harm in referring. we have different styles and different tastes.
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A lot of the go-to sources have already been named here. A few more would be Turnbull& Asser (some are RTW, and if you want different shapes or a wider selection of fabric, there is a bespoke option). Andover Shop doesn't carry XLs but will do a dark silk insert under the collar of anything you want.  No charge, and they have a stunning range. RLPL are a little longer than average, but not real XL. When I wandered through Bergdorf, not only the Marinella salesperson but also a guy in the Charvet section said "sure, no problem" about a bespoke XL order. Some of the larger US catalogues have basics that are fairly acceptable, for a lot less money than the above.  Land's End, etc.  Ben Silver used to have more, but still offers one or two. Vineyard Vines usually has a few ready-made, and for a small fee might do a special order.
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XMI Platinum also offers x-long ties, and I'm pretty happy with the one I picked up this winter - I'm 6'4". Granted, it has a pattern I like. Is this where we start the thread on retails prejudice against the tall?
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It seems to me that most "regular" length ties are getting longer. Perhaps has more to do with greater American girth than height, though.
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57" has been pretty standard for a while. Maybe you're just wearing more ties with thin linings, which consume less of their length in the knot.
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Thanks everybody for the responses so far - I can see that I have a wide variety of places to visit, online and in person. Historical question - when did the modern tie length (i.e. to belt buckle) come into fashion? Pictures from the early part of the century often have ties that are much shorter, and even considering that pants used to ride much higher, I believe there was often shirt visible (that is, when the jacket was open) between the tie blades and the waistband of the pants.
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For some cheaper alternatives you can also try Paul Fredrick and Jos. A. Banks. Both have a pretty big selection of XL ties.
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...I use looped scotch tape to connect the short blade, this works pretty well...
Wow, I thought I was the only guy who wore scotch tape with his ties.
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I have an extra long Kenneth Cole tie somebody cna have if they wnat it. I bought it by mistake and didn't know it till the tags were removed.
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