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Originally Posted by lmaozedong View Post

You're so broke that you have to sell the code from the two orders from TBS you made totaling $400? Cry me a fucking river.

Never said I was broke, Im able to work 50hrs a week until Aug. 17th, after that I just cant not buy a piece of clothing every other week.


I don't even know why I am explaining this to you, get off the subject. If I want to sell something I own, I will.

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look out guys he owns an intangible digital coupon code that is going to expire soon
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^Really? ...I can't believe you just wrote that.

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no? watch me rake in the thumbs in agreement
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Is that what matters to you people thumbing up a post on a forum?

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it signifies a unified movement against idiocy
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omigod seriously is this really still happening?
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Originally Posted by dotcomzzz View Post

omigod seriously is this really still happening?

Yes, all over a coupon code. So if no more posts associated with this would be posted, people and myself will apperciate it.
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Originally Posted by Sym View Post

How is TBS when it comes to fixing mixups? They sent me the wrong shoes....

So it's been over 2 weeks since the initial order was placed and still no shoes but they were very apologetic, communication is great, and luckily they were able to locate the correct shoes. I'm sure I'll get them sometime next week or week after, so I'm not bitching. I know during sale times things must be extremely hectic but I am wondering, do they typically offer some sort of amends?

I know some sites do if the screw up is on their part. The two times something similar has happened to me before the companies offered something without me needing to ask, one was a $10 gift card and the other a coupon code. Like I said before I'm not bitching and still love TBS but I am looking to place another order soon, I'm not sure whether to expect something and wait or just go ahead. Can anyone who has experienced something similar with TBS chime in?
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turns out i got a 15% off code too and instead of being a greedy prick i'm going to give it to somebody of my choosing

1. if you pm me you will not get it
2. i need to know what you plan on purchasing and if i like it then you will get the code
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What a greedy, self-centered offer. You have the time for such bs? At least charge $40
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Whoever gets jet's code should kop the Margiela travel bag. If I didn't just pick up a different one, that's what I would get. With TBS retail price - VAT + code, it's a relative steal since they never reach sale.

Another good option would be one of the new Barena jackets they got in.
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I just gave one away and used one for my new MMM magnet jacket and Aspesi Vento.

Now I want a bunch of things from the new arrivals lol. Am hoping for another code in the MMM/Aspesi package.


btw I want

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