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Have you tried to return them? They've been brilliant for me with things I need to return but they're admin / email response is terrible.


I have a shipment coming from them at the moment and they had to 'refund' me due to an item being out of stock.


Problem is they cannot add or subtract properly and they presently owe me money and i'm having to explain in detail to them how to do some basic maths. 

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Just to update, and to be fair to TBS, Bjorn emailed this morning apologising for the situation and said if I wanted anything from S/S then email him and he would sort me with a better deal than the 15% I was initially offered. Seems fair enough to me.
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Nice. Bjorn also sorted me out on the blank screen thing at checkout.
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Placed two different orders for red and purple Nike Flyknit Trainers from the sale which I paid € 101.60 and € 76 delivered. Now I want the green ones that are back in stock in the sale page but are € 160 !!!!
How come?
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Is anyone else having an issue logging into the site? Basically you cannot click on the login button or any fields. The only way I can get in is by clicking the login button (with my login/pass saved in the field) very quickly when the page loads. Wait more than a fraction of a second and you cannot click anything. Happening in both Safari and Chrome. 

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Just got nailed by Fedex for customs from a tbs order to Toronto even though the value was marked down. Worked out to be roughly 25% of the total, basically voiding the money I saved during their sale.
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^ yes, Fedex are a bunch of sheepfuckers.

no offense.
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Will TBS do a price adjustment if you buy something and the price drops due to a sale very shortly afterwards?

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I e-mailed them about that and they wouldn't do it for me.
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Yep me too. Ordered about an hour before the sale.
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Why should they? IMO that is incredibly rude.

They're running a business.
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Because if I return it and buy it again it costs them money and I still get the discount.  Not that I'm going to, but that's often the rationale.


Thanks for the info guys.

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Tons of stores/companies do it, typically for specified number of days after purchase.

They do it as part of maintaining satisfactory customer experiences. It is a big deal, they're running a business...
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Ya, go ahead and ship it back to sweden LOL.
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And there's why they don't do it.
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