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^^I cant speak for TBS, but in Sweden the social security (or similar, "person number") number is commonly stated for registrations, as it links name with address and so forth.
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Originally Posted by mulansauce View Post
I have been looking for blue shoes for a year or so, and those don't seem bad. I also like the suede Our Legacy, but I don't know anything about the quality of their shoes.

I have seen the Our Legacy shoes and even tried a pair on. I can't remember what size though, I normally take a us11/uk10/eu44, so I think it was a 44 I tried and the fit was fine.
Our Legacy has most things made in Portugal and so were the shoes. The construction and quality was quite good for a pair of semi-fashion shoes. As one mentioned before it certainly isn't C&J, nor Alden, but still they were pretty descent. If you don't know this already: Spain and Portugal are both making their ways in shoe production and apparel production too and have become quite respected. Shoes from Jil Sander are made in Spain, so is NDC. The Rushden collection by Grenson is to my knowledge also made in Portugal - at least some of it and so are a lot of other fashion-forward brands - none comes to mind at the moment because I am really tired and on my way to bed.

I mostly buy Our Legacy because the shirts fit me really good. I have some other shirts that are better in quality such as BoO, but the OL fit is just right for me. And no, the quality of the shirts isn't amazing, but pretty steady and wearable. The options for similar shirts are quite limited in, dare I say, Europe, so Our Legacy offers a quite good product.

I am a long time constumer at Tres Bien (both via the webshop and in their actual shop - it is really close to Copenhagen, where I live) and they are a bunch of friendly and helpful guys. Furthermore I quite like the things they buy for the shop, as they are responsible for bringing cool brands such as Ervell, BoO, Obedient Sons, Shipley&Halmos and Kitsune to Scandinavia. Let me know if I can give some more information.

And no, the "models" are not the makers of Our Legacy. The models are regular staff at Tres Bien and I don't think, it's appropriate to be bad-mouthing them as they aren't actual models - they are probably just modelling the clothes as they are trying to keep costs down, which probably benefits the customer.
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Daaaaaaamn, I really like that Our Legacy baseball jacket. Does TBS do any sales before fall, or am I gonna have to kop at full price?
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Originally Posted by wmmk View Post
Daaaaaaamn, I really like that Our Legacy baseball jacket. Does TBS do any sales before fall, or am I gonna have to kop at full price?

Full price
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Apparently Tres Bien is doing pretty well right now. Free shipping worldwide (!) until May 24th. Jump on that shit errbody. Also, there's a video somewhere showing the "making of" their new location which looks gorgeous..makes me want to go to Sweden. [don't know how to embed this]
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^ they even put the model to work, haha
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Pretty sure their models are employees. Nice to see them carrying schneider but the buy was kinda lame like south willard's. The blazer looks nice though
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Definitely a nice store, i actually like there layout quite alot... its nice for my shopping needs anyways. Keep it up tres bien...
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Does anyone get replies to thier emails? Does anyone have a phone number to contact the store? Thanks guys!
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^^ they haven't replied to my email yet. it's been a few days
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they always reply to my emails within a couple of days. the web guy doesn't work weekends, so that could be the reason he hasn't got back to you yet.
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sent two emails this week, both went unreplied. i'm sure they'll get back to me soonish.
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^^ Interesting, I wanted to ask the same e-mails have never been replied to. I want to return an item, and the 14 day window is closing there any other way to get these guys to respond?
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I've sent like three emails. I just need advice on fit of the denim. But no reply so far. WTF mate. Maybe the web man has been sick?
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I got a reply. I'll let them know that other peoples have been slipping into spam.
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