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It only work on usd? Cause I'm located in Singapore and I'm not sure that discount code for that should be what
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I've seen these, #twitterEUR / #twitterUSD / #twitterGBP / #twitterSEK. Maybe you should try #twitterSDG ....?
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I've only been shopping with TBS for about 6 months.

Does any body know when they are likely to start a 20%+ discount Winter sale?

When did they start one last year?




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january 2nd now everyone kindly stfu
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Originally Posted by SirGrotius View Post

Any new coupons going on with them?

I used that 20% coupon they emailed me after i lost that EUR250 store credit contest they had a few weeks back.
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Anyone else have customer service issues with Tres Bien?
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Nope, in fact they have the best service out of everyone.
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They dont respond to my emails and lied to me about something. A little pissed to say the least.

Ordered a Stark in XL, then emailed them and asked if they would have it in L, they told me no, said to email if I want to cancel. I email them 3 times, no response even though they said I have 24 hours to get in contact with them to cancel.

The following day they post up new inventory and guess what? The stark in available in a L!

Interesting and still no response.
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Be patience? They response to email within 24 hours from M-F.
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time is of the essence when you dont want them to ship the item out which they did 2 days afters I ordered it. They had 2 days to respond and/or cancel my order but didnt.

So patience really isnt the issue.
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I second that they have the best customer service. They reply to my email within 24 hours. And recently ordered some tees and a shirt from them... and when my package arrived... only the tees came cept the shirt, email them regarding my package...they immediate ship the shirt i bought from them... believe my shirt package will come today:)
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They shipped me the wrong item the first time. I e-mailed them about the problem and got a response and a tracking number within 24 hours but according to the tracking, the now correct item was going to the wrong city. E-mailed TBS again and was told to call fedex so i did. I confirmed to TBS that they were shipping to the wrong person and then didn't hear from them until after the weekend. By then it was too late and someone got a free wallet.
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Great service to me as well. A lot of shipping mishaps lately but they always take care of it.
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How are returns handled from the US? Do custom charges get refunded too?
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^not sure, but how large was your order? i've ordered from TBS many times and never paid customs.
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