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I have always had great experiences with Tres Bien shipping. Whether it be from their site, or their eBay store. I am in the US and have never been hit with a custom's charge upon receipt of a package. Typically 5-7 business days to arrive via FedEx. Signature required like most international orders. However, the one time I needed to ship back a pair of Mark Mcnairy red brick soles.... I checked with the local Fed Ex hub first. $140 bucks to ship the shoes back to MALMÖ. Needless to say, suddenly, the shoes fit a whole heck of a lot better... Then went to USPS - $40 for the same delivery time frame but always good experience with the guys and girls at Tres Bien..
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anyone happen to know if TBS has any discount codes at the moment? "Welcome" seems to have expired
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I know they're doing free worldwide shipping now. But does anyone have any idea how often they release codes?
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I wouldn't imagine they'd run free shipping and a code concurrently. That said, their promos and codes aren't super frequent...maybe like 3-5 times a year?

I've been hit with Fedex customs notices a couple times now, but they always come in the mail a week or so after I actually receive the goods.
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yeah codes dont come out often so take advantage as soon as they drop
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Posted this in rfs and remembered we had a tbs thread too. I have to say that tres bien has the best service of any shop I've dealt with over the years. I'm not going to get into the details but twice I've contacted them for help that I needed and they more than came through, I mean it's to the point where it's ridiculous. Just recently I had another positive experience and it was amazing what these guys do, if only I could find a chick that satisfied me like that. There is no other shop that has the combination of excellent buys, styling, selection, service, fast (and cheap) shipping (23 bux for 2 day shipping from sweden are you kidding?) than these guys. I've deterred people from shopping elsewhere previously and they always make me glad that I've supported them in the past. Great bunch of guys over there, still can't get over that fact. I'd even go so far as to say I'd rather cop something at full pop from them than on sale elsewhere because not many shops I've dealt with gave a shit or two about the customer and refuse to accommodate. There aren't many shops that are jet approved but these guys are official.
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I agree, great service. One they helped me find other stores that had a sold out jacket without having asked about it.
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Also jumping on the tbs appreciation wagon. Ordered a Pendleton board shirt from their recent sale, and recieved the wrong model. Next day (!) I recieved the correct model and they let me keep the first shirt they sent, just to show they were sorry. I have never experienced that kind of service before.
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The only problem there is with TBS, is that they over charge on some items.
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Another thumbs way up. This past November I ordered a shirt which of course included shipping to the US. The next day they had free shipping world wide. I e-mailed them if they would take off the shipping from my order, they responded quickly and said no problem.
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^wow, sounds good. hopefully my order goes thru half as good as described up above. edit: finn finn, thats bc youre in Copenhagen, non-euro countries get 20% off VAT
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tbs is pretty sweet, i had checked my mail recently and they sent me a happy holidays card. i was surprised mainly because they were sending it from sweden.
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i was researching BoO when i ran across their Youtube channel which I thought was pretty awesome
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Missed my TBS fedex package, have to wait until Monday
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I ordered MMM side zips on Jan 2nd, and the boots arrived (in Chicago) 10 in the morning on Jan 5th. Also, the shipping was free. Can't beat that.
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