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Sneakers for smaller, wider feet?

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Hey guys, Looking for a new pair of sneakers (or two...or three if you could my gym strip lol). My foot is a bit smaller than the average foot, as I wear around a size 6 (size 39 fits well if we're talking the euro sizes). My foot is also kind of wide, whether it's really wide or a bit wide I'm not sure but I've noticed a lot of the Puma shoes and Adidas shoes seem to be a bit narrow. I've seen a lot of interesting looking shoes on the Favorite sneakers thread, and I'm most intersted in some Vans slip-ons, a decent Adidas pair (if they are not too narrow), or anything like that. Does anyone else have a similar problem, or know of any shoes that I should be on the lookout for? It's been a frustrating search for something I like. It seems that mens sizes which used to start at 6 now start at around 7. Thanks in advance. m
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I would suggest New Balance. Their models tend to run a little wider than Adidas or Puma, and they offer a wide range of styles that are cool enough to wear casually.
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Also, cannot stress enough how comfortable and excellent Asics Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 is. They are pretty narrow, but are so comfortable it probably wont be an issue. Try them on, anyhow.
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Good advice guys, I was thinking NB for a more casual look, and I saw the Onitsuka's mentioned a few times in the other thread but forgot to check them out. Turns out the one shoe I liked that nobody posted the name for was in fact that same shoe (Mexico 66). I'll check em out. Thanks, m
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I agree w/ Brian. I have a wide foot, and the Mexico 66 is comfortable for me. It isn't really a wide shoe, but it does accomodate.
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It may not be your style, but you can give nike air force 1 a try. They come in Boy size, relatively wide, and has a pretty thick midsole.
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I tried on a few pairs of the Mexico 66 today and I must say, it does accomodate very well. Very nice shoe. I'm finding it hard to decide on a color. But you know what they say, find something you like and buy 2. I'm tempted to buy 3, at least sometime in the future. The downside to being my size is no one ever seems to carry the mens sizes I need (ie. like 6) in the shoes I want. The upside is that the styles are exactly the same in the womens sizes, so I was able to get a very close match with a 7.5. However it was just a bit long for my tastes (despite being exactly the same length - 39 - as the shoes I was wearing at the time). It looks like I'm going to try online since I'll probably be able to find exactly the size I need. Thanks for the recommendations guys. m
post #8 of 8, though not the cheapest site (although the prices are comparable, and the differences are usually just several percent or less) they have an astounding inventory of sizes available.
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