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Originally Posted by APK View Post
What sort of discounts are usually had at these friends and family sales?
Sample prices. As people who went to last season's sale will tell you, the prices were pretty damn good. There's another thread for that previous sale. I think someone might have mentioned exact pricing.
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Is this to clear out old stock, or are this season's items also included?
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Met Shea & Raan today at the Friends & Family sale -- very cordial, kickback guys. Picked up a striped hoodie for $35 and two slubby cotton pocket tshirts for $5 each. From this season, the trench chambray and the heather gray hoodie were there, as were some new shirts, some wool bowties, and buckets and buckets full of odd sizes of tshirts. Tried on a short-sleeve oxford in medium -- I think I'm definitely a small size across the board with them, minus the black coated SF collab. Anyway, I'm glad I went.
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Damn. I hope someone on SF went and hoarded a bunch of mediums to slang in the B&S forum.
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So has anyone picked up the nub henley? I'm wondering how thin the material is. I have an email in to the guys at Context.
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I bought the nub henley. The material is rather thin, but not see through.
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^Thanks. Have you posted any fit pics of it?
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Sorry, no.
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Got a reply from Context. They say it's quite sheer and thinner than your average t shirt.
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Are there any Brick & Mortar stores in NYC that sells Apolis?
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whens that filson apolis collab coming?
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That shirt jacket they have for context is sick.
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Bumping this in anticipation of F/W 09. Looking forward to the Thomson jacket and I might cop the Nomad Pullover left at Context...
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when will the FW09 be released?
i can't find them anywhere
are they all sold out already?
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^^ Context email over the weekend says Apolis FW 09 is coming soon. looking forward to it myself...
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