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Not really liking the FW stuff now that context has it up. The outwear and some of the shirts look over designed. The only piece that looks normal is the USMC jacket, but the sleeves are short.
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^Yeah, the sleeves on that jacket are about an inch or so too short. It seems like so many of the tops are made for shorter stockier people. I'm really liking all of the LS tees and henleys, though.
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I find it somewhat maddening that they don't post the inseam lengths. With such a detailed size chart, why is this key piece of info missing? I'm tall, so if they only make 32" inseams, the rest of the measurements are meaningless....
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That said, I really like the USMC jacket, and the chino and utility pant look great. work shirt seems a little overdone, but that's just me.
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What's the fit like on their shirts? I'm usually a large in Engineered Garments, XL in NDG. Was eyeing the Union Shirt now that it's on sale.
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^ I've tried that shirt on. It runs a bit on the large side, and a M was fine on me. It's not a slim fitting cut, more along the lines of J. Crew chambray/work shirts. I would say the shoulder/pit-pit relationship on the measurement chart is deceptive. Based on that, an M would be really tight across my shoulders, and that shirt was not. I was swimming in the L.

I'm 6'3", 175 and wear an M in stuff like J. Crew and an L in more slim fitting pieces, like the KMW chambray (never tried on BoO, but it looks like I'd be an XL). Hope that helps!
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thanks! That was extremely helpful, I was thinking it was going to be sized like NDG where I couldn't even close the buttons on an L.
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I do like the henley's this season as well, and I like that waxed cotton bomber.
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That henley looks pretty sweet. The navy/grey. The random pocket on the chions with white stitching on the front is really ugly imo. Sticks out way too much. And yeah those sleaves are hella short! edit: what do you guys think about that scarf/hankerchief look? What scarf/hankerchief is that?
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Probably a Hill-Side bandana. Zissou would argue otherwise , but I think it looks pretty stupid.
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^Yo momma looks stupid! (Actually, I rarely ever wear a bandana with a collarless shirt) Yeah, it's Hill-side. If anyone sees the Charcoal Utility Trouser, can you let me know? I've been looking for some dark grey pants. Edit: on second thought, I don't know if I could actually wear them! With the low rise, I would likely need a 35, which I'm not sure exists. Talk about tiny sizing!
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Hmm context removed their trench hood. Does that mean its going to be on sale soon, or are they just taking that item down?
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Seeing how it's from F/W 08 and Context has a limited inventory of individual pieces to start with, I would venture to say it's sold out. Also clicking on "View Discounted & Sold Out Items" and seeing the hoody in there would make me thing that, too.

And FWIW, stuff almost never goes on sale at Context. They have a couple flash sales per year, but for the most part, they seem to buy just the right amount of stuff to ensure it sells out before it ever needs to hit the sale rack.
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I meant this one: You can still buy it, its not in the regular section nor in the sales and discounted section.
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Apolis does seem to fit a bit shorter/stockier. That's fine with me though!
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