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will ferrel as rick flair...pretty funny. kenny powers...cross between mitch williams and john rocker.
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Originally Posted by agencyu View Post
No a bit of joke, but this rocks http://sourceradix.com/h23.html

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I got upset with HBO when they cancelled Carnivale. When they cancelled Deadwood I cancelled HBO.
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Originally Posted by suited View Post
I would recommend watching the full Kenny Powers promotional video from episode 4 that is on facebook and other sites.

"Making the necessary adjustments, keep our troops in Iraq. Major league money baby, major league. Sober, and ready to destroy the competition, P-P-P-Powers"

Link? I looked but couldn't find it.
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I'm following this show - I think it's hilarious. You can really tell that Will Ferrell had a big influence on the show, but I think the actor who plays Powers does it better than Will himself (for instance, Ricky Bobby). The only thing that disturbs me about the show is that I start talking [cursing] like Powers, which is not a good thing.
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Gets old quick, but I laughed a fair bit at episodes 1 & 2. No reason to renew it.
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Originally Posted by chorse123 View Post
Link? I looked but couldn't find it.

It's on facebook, here's the youtube...

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Next season should be interesting. I have no idea where they're going with it now but somehow I don't think he will go back to the school.
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^yeah, agreed. curious where they'll go with it.
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You could tell the offer wasn't going to go through. I originally thought the guy who claimed to be from Tampa was a hire from Ashley Shaefer BMW.
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I was wondering what it was on my On Demand list. I'll check it out now.
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hysterical show
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Just caught the final episode, not bad. Will have to catch up on it. After season Pineapple Express I'm a big fan of the guy playing the douehe former baseball player.
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Just watched the first season. I love baseball, swearing, and assholes, so this show is right up my alley. I wonder if we'll see any character development though, in the second season. So far it's been pretty non-existent.
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^ I hope it stays that way.
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