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are there any other straight-leg/large cut jeans that folks would recommend? I ordered a pair of 36 APC anglaise jeans online 3 months ago, but they were sold out and still have not restocked. any other jeans you would recommend? looking for a nice unwashed solid selvege pair that I can break in from start to finish. I'm 6'4, 210. usually I sport a '38 for added leg and ass room. gracias.
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Get a pair of Corpus Fine jeans, a full size up from what you are used to. They tend to size small at the waist, although they stretch out significantly. carries them. So does Stel's. I think Stel's carries larger sizes, and I can ask them to do measurements and have them shipped to you if you need.
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There's also the Rescue which replaced the Anglaise, if Corpus isn't in your budget.
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Actually, given your height, the Rescue might be a better bet. The Corpus "long" has an inseam about 34", probably too short for you. The Rescue inseam is a 35", at least.
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this will probably be the last comment I make before labelled pariah but... what if I like my jeans baggy? <onset of shame> my favorite cut in jeans and trousers is the superwide straight down leg, which I believe is sometimes called 'drainpipe' leg. is that correct? I bought a pair of WE jeans that were cut perfectly, but are far from selvedge.
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The G-Star Low loose would probably work for you. Not my favorite brand by far; but the cut would probably work for you, and some of the washes are decent. Also try the Diesel Yokees.
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There's a new Diesel called PIKE it's like a drainpipe LOOSE style... Also their wash n. 81W is a vegetable dyed indigo seems cool, available for yokees
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Hehe reading through this post is kinda amusing given the current SF view on denim
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