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These swordcanes look pretty good. I was expecting them to be a lot more than 18oz. It seems like you could really use it without too much difficulty. So much hatred of the frilly shirts. They don't even seem particularly bizarre to me. Out of curiousity, is there anyone who wears unusual or flamboyant clothing of some kind or another here? I don't own a shirt like that, but I certainly would if I found one in my size, with a slim-fit and decent fabric. I almost had one custom-made for me by this punk tailor in Hong Kong, but I was running low on cash. Frankly, when I am walking around the streets of Manhatten or, to a far far greater extent, Boston, I am overwhelmed by the monotony of people's costumes. I do see men wearing punctiliously correct outfits business attire, with beautifully matched ties and shirts etc. I am able to appreciate the fine taste here. It is preferable to the armies in ill-fitting suits or baggy jeans. Certainly, the "tasteful" kind of man means to impress by means of his subtlety. I see that. But it is not exactly facinating. It doesn't enliven the street scene for me. When you're in a place like Berlin, London, or Tokyo, the situation is different. There are ways to be well-dressed beyond either a hoody, premium jeans, and a blazer or a custom suit and T&A type shirt. Everyone under thirty seems to be trying to create his own work of art with the clothing he chooses. If you're into style, walking around the streets in these places is actually interested. Hell, I'm more interested by the way people dress in China than in the States. Sometimes it seems like the only permitted forms of dress are jeans or a suit here in the States. From whence this need to conform stylistically in the land of individualism?
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Perhaps it is just that we know how to work hard here in the States.
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or, it's that we're not in so very much need of attention. c'mon, the frilly shirt thing - it's a costume, not regular clothes. it works if you want to 'look creative', whatever that means. as an architect, i feel that i'm plenty creative, but i simply don't feel a need to go flouncing around covered in attention-grabbing attire. to me that's a sign of insecurity. that said, i might wear it if i were a rock star or a cooking-battle host. (allez cuisine, kaga.) /andrew
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I would have to say it is wearable but only if you move in certain circles. The fashion or art circles for example. If you are a stock broker then no.
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uhm, no, unless you're attending a costume party.
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I Robert Plant was seen wearing a shirt like that back in the day. Therefore, it must be cool. Definitely wearable in 1969.
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