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Huge article 'bout sneaker collectors

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Here: I have no idea what the attraction is.... Now, excuse me while I go try to decide which of my umpteen pairs of dress shoes to wear today.
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Dammit Kabert, beat me by three minutes.
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Who cares about dress shoes? I'm not a sneakerhead, in the sense that while I have lots (actually comparatively few) pairs of sneakers, they are all worn, and will be worn until they die. Sneakers look better than most leather shoes with jeans, and are much more comfortable to walk around in than the best constructed pair of custom Vass/Lobb/Westons could ever be. I don't understand collections (to be seen, not used) of any kind, really, so in that sense I agree with you kabert. But I'll wear a cool pair of Puma Miharas over a pair of U last Vass any day of the week.
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my pumas and addidases feel like crap compared to my butt-ugly pair of new balances, but you won't catch me wearing the NB's on the street unless i'm having a 'gimpy' day. i can only imagine that a proper bespoke shoe with good orthotics built in would feel really nice. /andrew
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It's hard to explain in words why people collect sneakers, but I know I'm a sneakerhead (20 pairs and counting) and I think they look good, feel good, have interesting details and reflect on our culture.
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Just an interesting fact, once had a brief conversation with a ex-Nike facotry worker......No, she is not underage or treat like slave there.....I can understand that she doesn't know the name of vaiorus models, but surprisingly she does not even know the name of Nike, she just recognize the "tick" on my shoes. Nike should do well by employing a sneakerhead as supervisor there. I guess I am the loner out there......Besides looks, I find the materials used and the technology employed on sneakers to be extremely interesting. I find it tough to call a person who just collect Dunk SB and Old Jordans to be a true sneakerhead.
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yep. the sneaker culture has grown substantially in the past 3-4 yrs.
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The sneaker culture is actually dying.

Stop bumping gay threads nooblet.
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