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Merkur Futur + Rooney Brush + TOBS Cream
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I actually just stumbled across badger and blade a few weeks ago. So far I've bought: Merkur HD Mama Bears Mint Rose merry Soap Neiva Aftershave Just need a brush now
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Originally Posted by mikej77 View Post
A bowie knife, just like crocodile dundee.

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You're both pussies. I just chip the whiskers away with a dirty rock.
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I use Taylor's of Old Bond Street pre-shave oil, shaving soap and their badger brush. The soap lasts for a long time.
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I shave in the shower with Brave Soldier shower shave x Gilette Sensor Excel x Penhaligon's Blenheim bouquet aftershave balm.
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I use Zirh shaving cream followed by Rose Witch Hazel.

Of course Zirh gets mixed reviews but if you want the thickest, most artificially fresh (menthol?) cream this is the one.
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Razor: Merkur Slant although I have a Barber Pole and an Adjustable Slim I've been mixing in and out. Cream: Lately I've been using Truefitt & Hill Grafton but I also like TOBS Eton College Brush: Just got a Kent BK4 and that may push out my C&E BBB as the go to Blade: Alternating between Derby and Feather I'm also exfoliating every other day with Nivea.
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I've got 3 straight razors, Vulfix badger brush, Theirs Issard paddle strop, the Gentleman's Quarter Soap, Truefitt&Hill 1805 Aftershave. I plan to get an heirloom strop, the Gentlemen's Refinery aftershave balm, Hydrolast aftershave conditioner, and more brushes. I stepped up to the learning curve real quickly.
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Originally Posted by youngscientist View Post
So are old school safety razors all they are cracked up to be?
If not what "regular" razor do people find is best?
I try to have a hot shower/hot flannel first, and use proper shaving cream, I find this all helps any top tips?
Honestly, after who knows how many thousands of years shaving you would think we would have it cracked by now.

To answer your question about safety razors, yes. The old school safety live up to their reputation and are actually a lot more conducive to the SF addict than any cartridge razor or electric razor. Why? Because finding the perfect shave with a safety razor involves the intricate mixing and matching of blades, razor, and technique along with a variety of shaving cream (not gel) and shaving soap combined with the nice feel of rubbing badger hair over your face. Plus replacement blades are cheaper than replacement cartridges.

I use a Merkur classic with Derby blades, shaving cream from The Gentleman's Refinery, and a badger brush from Kent. I've been using it for about two months and I will never ever go back to cartridge razors as long as I live.

In terms of the actual process, you seem to have it down pat, just don't forget to wash your face with cold water afterwards. Though I would be willing to add that you should only shave against the grain when you have to instead of all the time.

Arguably, we did get shaving right somewhere around 1917ish with the invention of the safety razor by Gillette and later the creation of a stainless steal blade by someone who wasn't Gillette.

For more on wet shaving and safety razors:
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my 2 cents:

i use a merkur h.d. with feather blades and often shave without shaving cream at all. i have a can of old spice shave foam that was 99 cents, and i bust it out when i've gone a few days without shaving. in my experience, and i've been shaving for about 20 years, the shaving cream/gel/soap makes no difference whatsoever in terms of closeness, though some are better than others at reducing irritation.
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I always used to have Wilkinson (3 and 4 blades) but about a year ago I switched to the cheapest, simplest razors I could get my hands on. Just 2 blades, no easy-going-strips or more of this. 3 or 4 blades was way too agressive for my skin, so I am happy with 2 blades now.

I use Nivea shaving gel btw. Afterwards Nivea after shave balm (sensitive) followed by Shisheido of course.
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Originally Posted by matadorpoeta View Post
in my experience, and i've been shaving for about 20 years, the shaving cream/gel/soap makes no difference whatsoever in terms of closeness, though some are better than others at reducing irritation.


I use a Merkur HD with Merkur blades, and I am convinced this is what makes the (very noticeable) difference in closeness. However, my neck will get very irritated with your typical aerosol can full of shave gel glop. So, I use George F. Trumper cream (either Sandalwood or Almond), and it is absolutely perfect. I did experiment with various brands of soap, but I have never been able to consistently whip up a good lather with a soap tub. I just use a big mug with the cream, and it's great.

For after-shave, I just use the Neutrogena Razor Defense Post-Shave Lotion. Works perfectly.

For those of you who use pre-shave oils, have you really been able to notice an effect? I've been tempted to try it, but have never pulled the trigger.

Oh, and for those who said they were looking for a safety razor online, I've ordered different things through Lee's Razors, and always been satisfied.
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Safety razors are my preference.

I rotate between a Gillette SS adjustable, a Merkur HD, and a GEM Micromatic with either Proraso or Tabac for cream/soap with the CE brush. After shave is a splash of witch hazel and Nivea sensitive skin balm. I don't wear cologne but will occasionally substitute an old school after shave like Old Spice or Aqua Velva for the Nivea balm.

The novelty of shaving with a real razor has never left. It is a very enjoyable start to my day.
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