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FS: Cotton Incotex

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Four pairs of Incotex for sale. All cotton twill, flat front, made in Romania for Zegna, some tags cut out. The first three are the same color, it's what I would call beige though I am not sure if that is the right word to use, but it's a muted khaki color that is not gray. #1. EU 48. Measures 16 1/4" waist, a touch under 10" rise, and 8 1/4" ankle width. SOLD #2. US 34. 17 1/4" waist, rise 10 1/2", ankle width 8 3/4". SOLD #3. EU 48. Measured identically to #1 (and same tags). Sold. #4. EU 48, black. Measures 17" waist, 10 1/4" rise, 8 1/4" ankle width. Color on first pic is accurate. $35 shipped CONUS. #5. Separately, I bought a pair of Incotex khakis from a forum member and don't want them. They are NWT, single pleated, EU48/US32. Looking to get what I paid which is $60 shipped. Here's the original for sale post for details: For color, here's a pic of black, then #1/2/3, then #5, from bottom to top. Although it might not be apparent from the pics, there is definitely some brown in 1/2/3.
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PM sent for #1
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PMed re: #3
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Price cuts.
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Price cut for black pair.
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