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Please join us for Individualized Custom Shirt Promotion.
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Congrats Gary, Wishing you more 10 years to follow...........

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recently had a few pieces (suit jacket, pants, EG andover jacket) tailored by Drinkwater's and just wanted to say that the entire transaction was positive. Steven worked with me on fitting the pieces and the alterations done are (to my eye, i'm not going to pretend to be an expert in this topic, however) absolutely flawless. all three pieces fit as perfect as I could hope for. mind you, none of this stuff was actually purchased through drinkwater's (one day I will have the funds to get a custom suit through gary!) but they were more than happy to do the alterations. being able to BS at the shop about all things menswear with steven and gary (who has a crazy amount of knowledge/stories) is just a bonus. will definitely be sending more alterations Gary's way when they become necessary!
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Edited by Drinkwaters - 11/10/14 at 8:03am
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Our Fall/Winter sale is still going on here at Drinkwater's (30-50% storewide), so we figured we'd post up a Styleforum favorite brand that is currently reduced.

Yuketen Canoe Moc, available in sizes 8.5E-12E. $234.50:


Yuketen English Ranger, available in sizes 8.5E-11E. $346.50:


Feel free to contact us via phone at (617) 547-2067, PM @Drinkwaters or myself, or e-mail either one us at / . Thanks as always!
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Yesterday I made yet another trip over to Drinkwater's to check out the new fall inventory and hang out with Gary and Steven. We talked shop for a few hours and had a great time. Here are some photos from my visit:



Creep by Hiroshi Awai FW15



New England Outwear Co. x Drinkwater's 






Universal Works FW15



A wall of Engineered Garments from FW13, SS15, and FW15

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I have to stop in soon. Fall is a magical time at Drinkwater's.

@Drinkwaters remind me how your tailor works - Can I bring things in any day and he will get to them? In need of some elbow patches on a couple pieces.
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Bring in your articles at any time.
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In an effort to bring some life back to our little affiliate thread, we at Drinkwater's would like to share products and lines from the store much more regularly with everyone here. What better time to do this than the Fall? Personally, it's my favorite season, as I love layering but can do without the bitter cold of New England Winters, though we've got you covered no matter how mild or wild it gets out there. We understand that many of you are not able to physically stop in and visit with us (we'd love to chat with you in person anytime, of course), so at times it can be somewhat difficult to keep up with what we're stocking - particularly with our collaborations and private label offerings that aren't available anywhere else. We're hoping to become much more accessible to you all through this thread, as we know there are many of you out there that would love what we do and what we stock but are not local to the area to just pop in and browse with us. We're going to kick this off with Universal Works, ( David Keyte's English inspired take on workwear and beyond:

13117 / Bakers Jacket in Navy “Bologna” S > XL $375

13122 / Newark Jacket in Navy “London” S > XL $375

13141 / Chore Shirt in Blue “Tokyo Check” S > XL $240

13181 / Suit Jacket in Grey “Japanese Tweed” S > XL $340

13303 / Cardigan in Charcoal “Soft Wool” M > XL $325

13550 / Raglan Crew in Navy Merino Moss S > XL $225

13653 / Classic Shirt in Olive “Hot 2” S > XL $165

A3756 / Universal Works & John Smedley Cardigan in Navy “Fine Merino” M > XL $290

Not pictured, but we'll have images of these up shortly:

13155 / Battle Waistcoat im Grey “Japanese Tweed” S > XL $205

13170 / Berwick Coat in Grey “Veta” M > XL $520

Gary and I are kind of learning as we go along how to tackle product photography, so we look forward to growing with you all in this thread and improving our pictures gradually every time. Thanks as always for looking and expect another batch soon!

(617) 547-2067
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X-Post from EG FW15:
Originally Posted by Drinkwaters View Post

Ladies & Gentlemen,

May we say Thank You for your support this past season. This time of year is a time for reflection, unmasked and honest. Subjective as that may be, we hope your energy of hope for peace prevails.

From Friday November 27th to the close of day on Monday, November 30th, ALL Engineered Garments items in our store will be 30% off. ALL SALES are FINAL and we will charge for shipping. If you have a measurement question, it's best you refer to a site that offers them, for we will to busy to provide them over the next few very busy days. We ship Conus UPS ground and International USPS first class. To contact us, call 617-547-2067, email,
PM Drinkwaters .

The following is a lineup of our offering. Please be aware that not all sizes are available.

F5A0110 / 19th Century B.S. Shirt in Grey Brushed Glen Plaid XS > XL $240


F5A0638 / Work Shirt in Grey Houndstooth Flannel XS > XL $195

F5A0739 / Western Shirt in Dk. Navy Micro Dot Dobby S > XL $240


F5A0946 / Banded Collar Shirt in Green/Black Small Check XS > XL $230


F5A10153 / Banded Long Collar Shirt in Dk. Navy Crest Print S > XL $255


F5B0556 / Shawl Collar Knit C/D in Black/Grey Stripe Jersey XS > XL $240


F5B0664 / Shawl Collar Knit Jacket in Dk. Grey Cable Knit M > XL $650


F5D0287 / CPO Shirt in Dk. Grey Pattern Block Herringbone S > XL $505


F5D0697 / Bedford Jacket in Olive Moleskin XS > XL $400


F5D06102 / Bedford Jacket in Navy Uniform Serge XS > XL $530


F5D1185 / Dexter Jacket in Black/Navy Wool Horizontal Stripe S > XL $530


F5D18103 / Barn Jacket in Multi Color Block Herringbone M > XL $660


F5F09102 / USN Pant in Navy Uniform Serge 28 > 36 $385


F5F0992 / USN Pant in Olive Cotton Herringbone 28 > 36 $240


F5H08103 / Button Shawl in Multi Color Block Herringbone $170


F5H0887 / Button Shawl in Dk. Grey Pattern Block Herringbone $170


F5H0084 / Button Shawl in Brown 13oz Wool Flannel $170


F5H0885 / Button Shawl in Black/Navy Wool Horizontal Stripe $170



Gary, Teresa & Steven
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Happy New Year, everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and got everything you asked for - You know where to find us if you're missing anything smile.gif We just wanted to throw up a quick post about our favorite shoes (Paraboot) to start 2016 off on the right foot. We absolutely love Paraboot here at Drinkwater's. Gary helped launch the brand in the US in the late 80s while at Louis in Boston, and the brand has followed him ever since. He even still has and wears some of his Paraboots from that era! They truly do stand the test of time, and about the only thing we can say bad about these shoes is that if anything, they last TOO long. It's worth mentioning that we are the authorized Paraboot repair service for North America, for any existing fans. We'll get those original soles from France back on there for you and you'll be good to go for another 100k miles. The Paraboot site got revamped last year and shows current models in the collection. While messing around on there earlier, I noticed that they have a great educational section on the different kinds of constructions utilized at the factory complete with images HERE. Anyway, here are two newer offerings that have been performing well for us this Fall/Winter:





And we always carry Paraboot's signature Norwegian welted, rubber soled walking shoes in UK 7-12 for serious sneaker-like comfort: Avignon, Arles, and Chambord.


Models like these and the Michaels (which we can special order, like any current Paraboot shoe) gel really well with Engineered Garments (we posted our FW15 buy earlier in this thread) and similar lines. We know a lot of our guys are EG fans, and we are very excited to see Paraboots posted a little more regularly as of late in fits. Shoutout to @Cotton Dockers for rocking the staple Michaels and Fatigues combo just today in the Show Us How You Roll in EG thread. Looking great, bud!
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Thanks, @CSCoHammers7! High praise coming from you.


Just subscribed, need to check back in here more often.

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We are pleased to announce our recognition as Best Mens Clothing in Boston by Boston Magazine.
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Congratulations! Well deserved!
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