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Really? I ended up getting the BoOxSperry loafers and they are the same size as my Clarks.
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whoa, cool had no idea.
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thanks chrono... i bought a 9.5 and i wear a 9.5 in chucks and a 9 in wallabees... hopefully they're not too tight since i'll go sockless. too bad, though: anyone else feel like the wool is too stuffy for summer? i really wanted the leather
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My 10.5 sperry navy boat shoes fit me well sockless. I definitely couldn't do a 10, but probably could do an 11 if i wanted to wear socks. Makes me think i shouldn't just bought 11 in those boots. Hmm.... Maybe i'll try to switch it up if 11 is still available
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I picked up the black nylon boat shoes in a 10.5 and also the grey purple/pink rep tie. Pretty excited fore the black boat shoes, impossible to find in that color.
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Originally Posted by chronoaug View Post
Since clarks/chucks fit bigger than normal, sperrys fit a half size to full size larger. I'm a 10 in chucks but 10.5 in sperry though.
I wear 11 in chucks but 12 in sperry. Chucks definitely fit bigger. Let me know if that PM went through to you in time who8marice
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Never bought the shoes before. The Leather and Nylon were preferred but were all out in my size. I quickly fell in love with the wool ones though. Totally unique look compared to the frat boy leathers (and thats coming from a frat boy). I size them TTS. I was just measured this weekend as a hair over 10, so I went 10.5.

Wishing they had more shirts available in my size... I had to get XXL since they run super small. Never got a BoO shirt before so if it doesnt work Ill just return it. They are generous on returns.

The ties are pretty cool too. I hardly ever wear ties but and trying to incorporate them more into my style.
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Got the overdyed l/s oxford in chocolate and earl gray.
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^What shirt did you pick up davidko?
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wish i knew they had the tall sizes earlier(not like i would have got them anyway). i was only able to get the brown leather boat shoes, which im happy about. i think i got onto the BoO sale page like 5 seconds after it opened and things were already sold out
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Who8's 1hour window closed before gilt could update. If anyone else is buying stuff (or has bought stuff within the last 45 minutes) and willing to proxy something for me let me know. Damn Gilt and its non Canadian dealings.
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Only picked up the Nylon Boat Shoes, size 8. Was looking at a couple ties, but couldn't get them.
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Nothing...all I wanted was a simple oxford button down in blue and white in S. Anyone got one? Chrono are you still selling yours?
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nylon boat boots black, i really wanted some casual winter boots and now i have them!

ive wanted them since i saw the price tag at $350, but for under $100, you can't go wrong.

also i didnt even try to buy until 1 pm suckaz
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Missed it by 10 min.  Anyone with any overdye or tall shirts in large that don't fit?  Please message me.
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