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I've been told: "You look just like Shaft." "You've got the whole Gay Conquistador look going pretty well." "Man, you as hot as J. Lo in those jeans." The usual: "I could never dress like you, but you really pull it off." "You're a real Dorian Gray."
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(RJMan @ April 20 2005,19:20)
Originally Posted by cuffthis,April 20 2005,17:18
A few (ok,more than a few) years back, as a 26 year old, my mother complimented me on my suit as I was heading out the door with my date. She said I was dressed as well as Lawrence Welk.
Hey, he was dressed by Hardy Amies.  The credits on his show said so.
Um, how do you know that?  
I was wondering the same thing.... hasn't Lawrence Welk been off the air since about 1975? Oh wait a minute -- I suppose his show is on DVD now.
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From a small towner after seeing my Borrelli wholecuts:"Wow-I bet those are $200.00 shoes."
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I work in a *very* casual office as well, so whenever I've worn a suit or a sportcoat to work (which I truly do enjoy), I get the whole "how'd it go?" "who was it with?" "when's the interview?" treatment. Annoying, but what're you going to do, NOT wear the nice clothes?
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I was wondering the same thing....  hasn't Lawrence Welk been off the air since about 1975?  Oh wait a minute -- I suppose his show is on DVD now.
Actually (and unbelievably), the Welk show is one of the highest rated programs on PBS.
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"Jeez, you sure don't dress like you're in the fashion business."
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ROI - LOL... No comment. Best one was easy - a couple came over to our table in a hotel restaurant, apologized for interrupting, but they just had to know WHERE I got that tie. I told them it was one of ours and how to order... About 20 minutes later they came back by and said they'd just bought a dozen ties off the website... which made me flag down the waiter and revise the vintage of the bottle he was retrieving.
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Friend: "You don't look as fat as you used to, are you exercising?" Me: "No, just buying the right size size in pants."
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My dad: 'Nice shoes'. I was wearing a pair of Santoni's and he never ever looks at clothing or anything. So that felt like a huge compliment
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Very entertaining thread. I can contribute a highlight and a lowlight. Circa summer 2000, very hot day, I sported a DB seersucker suit with white bucks, white spread-collared shirt, and I forget the tie. Walking through a parking lot, I hear some teenage knuckleheads laughing at one another behind my back in Pee Wee Herman's voice. You either know what I'm talking about or you don't. Late 2004 on a business trip in the Atlanta area, wearing a navy blue pinstripe suit (jacket on the back of my chair), blue buttondown, red and blue repp tie, black cap-toes. Very non-descript, like a politician's outfit. So anyway, I was having lunch alone at a Chili's (I know, very high-brow) sitting at the bar, when a female approaches, and asks if I watch Regis and Kelly. Aside: is that a loaded question or what? I respond in the negative. She goes on to say, well they had a special on "Hunky Husbands" this morning and you look a lot like one of the guys they featured, except you might be a little taller than him. My internal dialogue: hunky? Looked like she was entering the place with a group of work associates for lunch, and not really hitting on me, but just sincerely saw a resemblance and had to point it out. I was very flattered and quite literally blushed a deep red. I managed to stammer out a reply of, "Thanks, that's very kind of you." And I personally find it quite sad that I remember every detail like it just happened. It made my day. Nobody ever compliments anybody anymore. Where's the love?
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Walking through a parking lot, I hear some teenage knuckleheads laughing at one another behind my back in Pee Wee Herman's voice. You either know what I'm talking about or you don't.
Was that the bicycle parking lot?
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Memorable story that took place two weeks ago: Consider that for the past month and a half or so I'd been busting my ass trying to get a retail clothing job without any resume experience, sending online apps, calling, and walking into department stores, single stores, and boutiques left and right, basically getting treated like crap everywhere I went (an HR lady at Saks was particularly condescending, telling me I belonged at Abercrombie or the Gap when each item in my suit ensemble was superior in quality [and retail price, probably] to the highest end version of each item they sold at that store). So one day I try cold calling some chain stores again and get referred to a store in a suburban strip mall, where the manager offers to interview me at 3. I get decked out in a suit and everything, but since I'm half an hour early I decide to kill time at a Marshall's nearby. While I'm walking in the entrance I run into a rather large, burly man who suddenly, out of the blue, turns around, grabs my hand and shakes it, and says "GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR INTERVIEW, MAN." I was a little startled, but obviously it was a nice gesture. When I went to the interview, I ended up getting hired right off the bat.
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Was that the bicycle parking lot?
Good one. Alas, it was not the bicycle parking lot, I most assuredly did NOT mean to do that, but I do however, live (clap clap clap) "deep in the heart of Texas".  LOL. "Tequila", anyone?  The song, not the drink.
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The drink is not bad either. And I guess is easy to come by in Texas.
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Clotheshorse Ed Hayes complimented me on my Raphael sport coat while visiting the Tony Gaziano/Edward Green trunk show recently in NY. Grayson
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