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Clothing Approbation

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OK, gents, so what's the best compliment you've ever received on matters sartorial? Mine was from my wife. I was wearing a vintage brown houndstooth suit from the 1950s. I came out of the bedroom and she said, "Wow, you look like a poster for syphilis."
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This happened two days ago. Me: "Look, I just got a Dunhill sidecar wallet for only $60" (eagerly showing her the wallet I bought) Colleague: "Wow, that's expensive. Is it made out of leather?"
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"That looks like Portuguese clothing."
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"Were you aiming for a turn-of-the-century look, or this suit just turned out that way" Garment being referred to is a brown plaid 1-bu7tton peak lapel suit with patch pockets
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A couple of weeks ago, from a colleague, just after Easter, while wearing a RLPL mint green sports shirt: "Who designed your shirt, JC Penny or Paas?"
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"Is that a banana in your pants or are you just happy to see me."
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Obviously, the title of this thread is a misnomer. In the same vein, I remember girls who have asked me about labels -- is your shirt BR? or are your shoes Kenneth Cole? dan
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Got a black Halliburton briefcase from my wife as an anniversay gift years ago. First trip with it, going through the Jackson MS airport and two young women screened it as it went onto the conveyor. One rapped the side with a knuckle and allowed to her colleague that it was "plastic".
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"Do you like that better than what they're wearing now days?"
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I once wore a Nehru jacket to synagogue and was told by the rabbi at the door that the church was down the block. (True story). Grayson
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I think Ernest implied that I was a farmer for wearing Brown when we met in Paris. Does that count?
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"Daaaayumn nigga you look fresh as fuck, can a nigga get a dolla?" - This one guy on High St., every single time he sees me.
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From one of my grumpy coworkers when I was wearing a pair of borgeoli's: "dude, did you beat up a midget for his shoes?"
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The "midget" comment is a classic. One of my favorites was, "Oh, my God: I had no idea that was you," from someone I'd known for several years, about 20 minutes after a small group of us met at her house. She'd been looking at me almost constantly from the minute I arrived.
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A few (ok,more than a few) years back, as a 26 year old, my mother complimented me on my suit as I was heading out the door with my date. She said I was dressed as well as Lawrence Welk.
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