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new faux-paypal scam...

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i know this isn't clothes-related but i'm sure a lot of you use PP. i got an email like someone had sent me money. i almost clicked on it, but the innerds of the email didn't look "right". it would have been one of those "log in and we steal your PW and drain your acct" things. i'm always leery of these and I almost fell for it. just keep an eye out
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Thanks for the heads up. dan
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NOTE: A real email from Paypal will always say "Dear your name" at the top. Regardless, it does not matter if it is paypal, your bank, your credit card or whomever who seems to have sent you the email. The website that will popup will always be 'wrong' like paypalaccountupdate.com. If you click a link from paypal it will take you to https://www.paypal.com and only enter in important info on a secure site (https, not http). When doing an e-commerce site you set it up so that checkout goes through a secure server no matter what. If unsure whether an email is from paypal, just forward it to spoof@paypal.com and they will tell you very quickly. If in doubt, simply enter the url into your browser by hand or bookmark it.
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More simple advice. Many SPAMS use the subject "Notification of Payment" Etc. I keep an extra window open with the real PayPal site on it. If you do this and check your "Overview" (which you know to be your overview because the window was open before the e-mail came), you'll either see the new bucks in your Overview or not. Definite fail-safe.
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alex, that's what i did. i logged in to see if there was a pmt, and there wasn't, as expected.
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