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RL Crocs

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I used the combined weekend 10% sale + another 15% off - total 23.5% off (I got a coupon with that bluefly 'win a porsche' game) for these... ( already think I will return them...)what do you all think? With a croc belt... and a nice suit? Too much?? I like the look when I see it... don't know if it's cool or not. croc & gator belts very popular in nyc. ~$500 all in. I know they will age well and be cool as vintage.
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I usually don't like "exotic" shoes but like these. Nicely rounded toe. Classic penny loafer. Brown. Matte finish. They don't seem flashy or ostentatious. I'd keep 'em.
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Definite Thumbs up. I wish they had larger sizes
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To Boot usually has similar alligator loafers at their warehouse sale for $350 or so if you live in NYC.
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I like them, but I think they were still a tad too pricey considering what Ebay often has to offer. Grapevinehill just got another shipment of Ralph Lauren shoes including many alligator laceups. But, if you like them, keep them. They are nice.
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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that, but to my eye...not good. Doubly not good with a suit. I don't care what they wear in NYC.
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Well, I got them. Too tight, bummer b/c they are very nice. If you have a size 9 foot, I recomend the 10. Returned.
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