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Suit shelf life?

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I was curious when does a suit become to old? Is there a point when you are buying suits that many of us do buy from discounts houses etc. where suits are sometimes 5-6 years old. Does age only reflect the styling of the suit or if a suit is taken care of properly can it last a long time with no one buying it?
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So long as it is properly hung and stored, it will be fine. Age is not a factor per se. Rather, it merely increases the chances that it will not be properly hung for an extended period, or exposed to grubby hands, sharp objects, dirt, etc. Keep in mind that a lot of the bolts of fabric that end up making a suit are many years old by the time they are cut. So, it's not as if a "fresh" suit is made from "fresh" wool.
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A bad dry cleaner can singlehandedly make a garment old even if it's not old. Choose one wisely and try to avoid unnecessary trips to the cleaners. Grayson
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