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French shoe magazines

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Can someone tell me the titles of the few French shoe collector magazines and how I can subscribe to them? Thanks
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Trépointes Soulier Haute Pointure Haute pointure can be found at http://www.info-presse.fr/themesJ/art-vivre-mode_88.htm or http://www.viapresse.com/van2....0001001 (on the latter site they label Haute Pointure as adult magazine). I don't know if they do international orders. This is the 1st issue of HP, I don't know if they allow subscriptions yet. Mathieu, the guy next door
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"Soulier" Service Abonnements 8 rue de Paris 94220 Charenton-le-Pont "Trepointes" Distri-Abonnements B.P. 1121 31036 Toulouse Cedex 1 Telephone (from outside France) + 33 561 72 76 27 I asked a friend to bring the latest issues to London. Maybe amazon.fr does magazines as well, otherwise one of our French friends might have a suggestion for a bookstore where you can place an order and pay by card. (Ernest, you can set yourself up as the international distributor.)
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Yet, another online option is http://www.journaux.fr. The subscription address for Haute Pointure: Tendance Editions 45 Rue de Trevise - 75009 Paris Amazon.fr did not seem to carry these magazines last I checked.
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