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I went to a store yesterday that sells suit by this company. Does anyone own one of these suits? How would you compare them with other suits in that price range as far as quality http://www.belvest.com/
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Belvest is a old, reputable company that tailors out of Venice (still to this day, I believe). They used to be the top of the line suits for Neiman Marcus back in the past. As far as quality, I would put them up with the likes of Brioni, Luciano Barbera, and high-end Zegna, but a notch below Kiton. I have two Belvest suits with super 100's wool, and am very pleased with both. The styling is northern Italian, with clean lines and not too much padding. Belvest also has the benefit of being not quite as expensive as other more well known brands. Hope this helps.
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