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Does anyone have any info on the Filson/Apolis Activism bag? - Page 3

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any idea on how many total are being produced??
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The Apolis guys will let me know this week. I wouldn't imagine that the total number of bags would be that great.
I will have more answers for you this week.
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Shea (business side of Apolis) and I discussed this at length yesterday. He will let Mauro know after they have sat down with Filson and hammered things out. Ultimately, pricing for things like this depend primarily on two factors:

1) the number of units being produced; and
2) where a designer wants a product to be positioned in the marketplace.

Please be patient. The Apolis guys are really good guys, I think that this will be a very good product, and Mauro has never treated you guys wrong. The FilsonxApolisxSF product may be a ways off, and will be quite different from this, so I would get on this if you like it. I am getting one for myself.
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Filson (in-house production) is about 10 minutes from my house if anyone needs to know urgently, though I can't imagine.
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Mauro check your private message
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Also know that this time of year is pretty rough on designers, especially for Shea and co. who are trying to wrap things up to take over to Vegas in a few days. You guys will get your bags in due time...
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Any updates?
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Oddly enough, the blog's just been updated with the most current info on the Apolis+Filson bag. Take a look, gents.
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wow thats a lot more than i expected... $446

mauro does the sf discount apply?
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I'm referencing the bag, the website preview, and the girl in the preview.
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The bag is $446.00 and the SFD does apply.
They said they did their best to keep the cost down. They are all honest guys. with that being said I will pick up domestic shipping for anyone interested in the bag.
I will help too!!!
anyone interested please PM me or email me.
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Is there any more info on the type of material they're using for this bag?
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DISCLAIMER: i love filson and i have 2 pieces from apolis including the context x apolis collab. i also bought both of my apcs from mauro at farinellis and love their selection and their discounts.

but im just wondering if anyone else thinks the price on the bag is high? i know everyone including mauro says that they tried to lowered the costs as much as possible but is it worth it?

you can get the exact bag minus the material, the white patch, the red stitch cross from cranes with the SF discount from:
195 (retail)
- 19.50 (online discount)
- 35.10 (sf discount)
= 140.40

even without the discounts ... does the collab bag warrant double plus more?

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^ Is it available in black, though?

I ask that seriously. Because if it was, I would cop instantly, haha.
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Is this bag black or navy?
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