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New clothes extravaganza...or,

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so, everything finally got to me here at school from the various alterations shops, and I got to play dressup for an hour or so. Apologize in advance for the bad pics, had to borrow my roomie's camera with no flash. Not good in a hotel room with no light anyway. Without further ado, the results. Here's my first shirt from Jantzen. So far, I'm thinking of making the following changes: + roughly 1" from the torso area. + add 1/2" to each cuff. they seem a little small, but maybe I've never had cuffs that fit properly, dunno. + add 1/4" to the collar to account for shrinkage. + shorten the sleeve some. (how much?) close-up of a cuff showing tightness Secondly, I got my first suit. Had gift certificates to Dillards, so had to go there, but got a Turnbury charcoal pinstripe. Went in looking for a solid, but the stripe looked so good on me, got that instead. Also got tuxedo back. This is what I'm wearing to my wedding in June. The shirt is obviously a fill-in. The vest is up in the air, and the tie came with the vest. Although if we use this vest, we have another tie in mind. Based on the advice I got here, I decided to spend more than I originally intended, and got a really nice DJ with a peak lapel. I'm really happy with it. Last but not least, a uniform for work in a nice, dark green polyester The End
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Thanks for posting the pictures. The collar of your jantzen shirt needs to be either of a wider spread or have a longer collar, so that it ends "inside" your jacket. Certainly sleeves need to be shorter and waist area needs to be reduced. You look sharpest in your uniform. But try wearing your uniform with a a shirt with a better collar. Can't give you much positive comments about the Dilliard suit as it appears rather "lifeless" to me. Rather than enhance your physique, it just seems to cover your physique. Also, promise me you'll never wear a dark shirt + dark tie again.   It might also make sense to put more care into tying your tie. Thanks for sharing.
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You look sharpest in your uniform. But try wearing your uniform with a a shirt with a better collar.
shirts are standard issue man
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(newyorker @ April 17 2005,18:10) You look sharpest in your uniform. But try wearing your uniform with a a shirt with a better collar.
shirts are standard issue man
Please pardon my ignorance.
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I agree with you that you could do with enlarging the neck and shortening the sleeves on the shirt. To echo: I think that both the shirt and the suit could do with taking in the waist. You are fit - show it off. GREAT tuxedo. Thank you for your service. Best regards.
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Jantzen shirt looks really good for a first iteration.
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Thanks everyone for the responses. newyorker: I didn't want to wear a dark tie, trust me. But as noted in the 'what ties do you have?' thread of semi-yesteryear, I have literally no selection yet. I'm still new at this, remember What are a few examples of ties that would work with this shirt/suit combination. The burgundy shirt is a far cry from my standard white and blue, but that is what I wanted. oh, and I wear contacts 90% of the time, but when you're sick, it's not as fun.
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I am personally not too fond of dark shirts worn with suit and tie, even on casual occasions. I think dark shirts are better worn open-collared without a jacket over them. With regard to your dark shirts, I am not sure whether wearing a dark tie or a light tie is a worse crime Specifically with regard burgundry shirt, perhaps a plain/subtly textured medium blue tie will contrast nicely.
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If I were an officer, I think I would get married in my uniform. LOL
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my gosh.... if you all could have seen him in his previous style 'phases' you would just hand him a cookie and tell him what a good boy he is. ;-) i am sure he appreciates the thoughtful and constructive critiques of the new acquisitions. thanks to all of you who have given my handsome fiance such high standards to aspire to. ;-)
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And congratulations on your upcoming wedding. The tux looks fantastic, BTW.
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