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Pictures of new suit -- comments welcome

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Hello all: I just got my new suit and have posted some pictures below. Comments are welcome. Details: full canvas with pick stitching and working buttons. The material is a 70 or 80, with sort of a diagonal twill pattern (very faint). A mix of hand and machine work, but very comfortable and soft. This is the hard wearing work horse suit. I am particularly interested in what people think about the fit, particularly gorge height, button stance, and waist suppression. I think the gorge is a little too low, but the tailor recommended against moving it higher. I think the button stance is just right, but the tailor wanted it to be lower. The waist suppression is less than I usually get, but I think the suit drapes very nicely as it is and when I pull in the back the jacket does not look any better. Also, please ignore the creases at the bottom of the jacket -- it just came out of the box. -boston
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It's always difficult to say from pictures, but here are my impressions from the photos: The gorge does appear too low to me. I think this is because the lapels are wider, and with that lower gorge, it just looks funny to me. The shoulders look a little too wide, though it's hard to tell without knowing exactly where your shoulders are. The jacket appears a little long. Manton's going to go nuts over those sleeve buttons, but it does look like they are slightly too high on the sleeves. And from the picture, the pants look a bit too long. They shouldn't have that bunching at the shoe. I don't think the button stance is too high. That looks just fine to me, though it looks like it's made to be a true 3 button suit (meaning the top is made to be fastened).
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Are you standing a little crooked maybe? I ask because there is a buckle on your left side betwixt the top and mid buttonholes. My right shoulder slopes due to having popped some tendons and I get that issue with EVERY jacket if it isn't bespoke. Am I seeing things or are you slouching perhaps? Otherwise, my only criticism would be that you need to tie your tie tighter in the collar... suit, oxygen - yada, yada yada... the whole point of the suit is to show off the tie. Seriously ....congrats, how does it feel and how do you feel wearing it?
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Very nice overall. Shoulders especially. I don't like hacking or ticket pockets as they draw too much attention, but that's just my taste. Trousers are too long, I think. Maybe the skirt is too full, also? Agree that the gorge could be a little higher, but it doesn't look bad where it is.
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congratulations, it will definitely make a nice workhorse suit. I think the gorge, and button stance, and position of the buttons on the sleeve are fine. I think the jacket is a bit long, and I think it needs more waist suppression. I think the pants are a tad too long even for a full break. All minor stuff. Overall looks nice, and has a nice looking shoulder.
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I'm definitely not a pro or anything (not even an amateur really), but I think that suit looks pretty good on you. I actually kind of like the lower gorge. In fact, I think that for my next suit, which is going to be bespoke, I'll bring the tailor a picture of your suit (if you don't if you do, you'll never know ) because I like the way that it looks.
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You look sharp in that suit. It's not perfect, but it's very good. Some things to think about (some of these have been mentioned by others): - higher gorge? - slightly narrower lapels? - lower button stance? - slightly shorter jacket? - perhaps straight (not slanted) pockets for your next jacket? I hope you enjoy your garment, it looks fine.
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looks pretty good to me, sleeves maybe a tad short (?), pants maybe a tad long, but basically pretty good. congratulations and thanks for sharing. ps - do those cuff buttons up.
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The hacking pockets look a bit out of place paired with that fabric. Hacking pockets are usually paired with slightly heavier fabrics like tweeds. Also, the pants are way too long, consider getting them retailored. The lapels don't have a very modern shape either.
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The lapels don't have a very modern shape either.
What would a modern shape be?
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The back looks very nice to me. Overall the suit is rather smashing. I think the lower gorge works with this suit. The pick-stitching is a nice touch. Just a few things I would do. I agree that the arms are a tad short. I would add 1/4" to them. The skirt I think could use more of an wider opening. I think a bit of steaming would make it better for us to judge. Steaming under the lapel will create a nice roll as I think they look a bit flat.
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(Mike C. @ April 18 2005,09:14) The lapels don't have a very modern shape either.
What would a modern shape be?
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hehe. idiot.
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More or less agree with everything above. The only thing really out of place would be the lapels (i.e., prefer higher gorge/narrower), but in the end that's personal preference. pockets do draw a little too much attention, but again that's a personal call. must restate: button up the sleeves. trust me, people who know will be able to spot that they're working sleeves even when they're completely fastened. overall, looks good.
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I don't dislike the wider lapels but the gorge could be higher. The pants are too long (otherwise they look good). The sleeves are not of even length. It's always hard to argue over the silhouette because the quality/angle of the photo can be misleading. Some will say that shoes should have closed-lacing.
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