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ODERMARK Suits and Clothes

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Have you heard of this ODERMARK Brand. I discovered an ebay store that carries stuff from them along with some Dunhills, Gatto Shoes and some Corneliani "Linea Sartoria" (any help with this line is also appreciated)

In the store, the description of the brand says:
On my recent trip to Europe, i was able to acquire some suits from the German company ODERMARK and their other line FARIANI they are lesser known in the USA, but they make some amazing garments. The styling and fabric is better than HUGO BOSS.

They come from a very high end store and most of them still has the pricetag attached which is EUR 650-750 for sportcoats and blazers and EUR 800-1400 for suits. They are all exclusives for the store using fabrics from Loro Piana, Cerrutti, Guabello, Alfred Brown, Harris Tweed, etc.

These garments are cut in a very nice contemporary style, with great details.

Odermark had a short present on the US market starting in 2006 and they priced their suits in the E. Zegna range.

Any experience or comments about quality? Maybe a fellow SFer from Germany could provide some insight.
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I can't remember his username, but I believe that the seller is a member of Styleforum. Also, if I remember correctly, he is the US representative for Vass shoes, and so he sometimes has great deals on Vass. Whilst he's not the cheapest on eBay, his clothes always seem to be in excellent condition (in the event that they are not new-with-tags). Having said all that, though, I don't know anything about Odermark!
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Odermark is a very solid company. Nothing extraordinary or flashy, but nice worksmanship.
They have a huge range of products. Their MTM program is fabulous, their RTW stuff is sometimes unimpressive, but never bad. No idea about their RTW fit, as I use their MTM line exclusively.
The mentioned prices (if correct) suggest that it is indeed their upper range line, although their price structure depends heavily on the used fabrics. I own an Odermark / Loro Piana suit that was way over 1500 or 1600 Euro, if I remember correctly, other suits I own were dirt cheap and under 500.
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No experience with their high end stuff but the £300ish RTW suits are quite commonly sold in the UK and seem okay for the price.
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A Little morning bump. Thks Gentlemen.

Anyone else has experience with the brand?
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I were a two piece OrderMark suit. I love the material and it isn't to hot so you can were it in places like Hawaii, Australia etc.

It's defiantly a travel suit.

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What's it being defiant about? Were I to wear a suit, I think I'd definitely prefer it to be compliant rather than defiant. :-)
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I bought several pieces of extremely stylish over coats in cashmere and several trench coats (one the real belted Humpfrey Bogart classic) as well as a silk windbreaker that I still have today.  The fabrics are marvelous and of high quality.  Extreme quality overall.  I once was able to find the brand in the states but no longer.  Wish I could find the home office out of Germany.  I need to replace the blue cashmere topcoat.  If I can't find their line or address anywhere. I will have a tailor use the pattern to create a new one for me, that is how much I love their styles.

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