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The bow tie

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I love bow ties. They add a sense of dash and even a sense of daring. Such a pity that they are considered "not accepted" in so many situations. Curious to know if any of you fine gentlemen ever wear them and with what and even where? I generally wear them only when going to the theater, a concert, or to a restaurant. A half century ago, the bow tie was one of the staples of the truly well dressed man.
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Bowties are still acceptable outside of the black tie setting. The reason people only wear them to black/white tie affairs is that bow ties are made for special events. They are not the tie; certainly not meant to be worn inside the office. You can only wear a bow tie when you're over 27: any younger, and you look pretentious and even worse, like someone who postures. Unfotunatley, bowties are frowned upon outside of the situations you mentioned. They are perfect for the theatre and concerts, and also dinner parties. In these situations, there are two different ways to wear bowties. The first is the obvious: as a classic gentleman, with a classic-cut suit and certainly an overcoat to wear over everything. James of Savile row has perfected this cut, I suggest you pay them a visit. The other, and perhaps younger-looking, way of wearing a bowties is by following the new fashion. I know Valentino and Costume Nationale have bow ties in their new collections, so you could always go with their looks. Either way, your options for wearing bowties are still limited: if you dare wear them in more situations, no matter how proper your look is, you will come off like Luis Carruthers in American Psycho. --European Interloper
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I, love bow ties I, try and wear one at least once a week. My profession as a wardrobe consultant allows me to be as stylish would like to be.
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Paragraphs are necessary.
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Originally Posted by Ich_Dien View Post
Paragraphs are necessary.

You criticized the grammar of a post written seven years ago. I like that. It keeps people on their toes.
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