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Short bus

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Sorry guys I think I'm having a       s    l   o    w      day. In a few posts I have seen "BR"  this is Brooks Brothers correct? Thanks Parsons
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BR - Banana Republic Owned by the Gap, but it's clothes are 2 steps up from that of the Gap.
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Ain't nothing wrong with riding the short bus. I was on that pimpmobile my freshman year (haha, for the OTHER end of Special Education). Though I was proud of it, I didnt mind getting my own car. Of course, I suppose the short bus is easier to park..
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High Roller, I can't think of what's in between Gap and Banana Republic, if that's what you're insinuating.
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I can't think of what's in between Gap and Banana Republic
Usually, a Starbucks.
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pstoller, Thanks for that. it cracked me up. I'm glad someone else notices that a new Starbucks pops up at a quicker pace than rabbits reproduce. It's mind-boggling. Anyway, Michael, maybe he meant Structure ... or perhaps, just "two steps up" without a physical middle step. Wow. I'm getting way too into this.
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I heard this funny poem about Starbucks a while ago. The person who told it to me said it was a haiku, but I can remember how a haiku was arranged. Leaving Starbucks drinking my coffee I passed another Starbucks Living in NYC, this is the truest thing I've ever heard. Ok, now below I'm sure someone is gonna flex thier intellectual muscles and show us, like on every other thread on this forum, how smart they are, by explaining the classic haiku format.
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I'm not here to flex my intelligence (or lack thereof in this case - I couldn't start to describe the set-up of a haiku). I just wanted to share a little something on the prominence of Starbucks in NYC. My brother lives there and had surgery which required about a week of down-time. From the time he had surgery to the time he wasa back on his feet, a Starbucks had opened just around the corner from his apartment. That's a little insane to me.
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I seem to have caused a little uproar here about the 2 steps up thing, haha. I was jsut stating BR is much better quality than gap, the middle step can be anything you want it to be, and yes, most likely a starbucks. cheers.
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