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Mr. Ned Custom Tailor NYC

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Can someone please post their experiences with Mr. Ned in NYC - specfically price, info on house style and naturally, their satisfaction with the end product. Thanks, Panzer
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Don't know about Mr. Ned, but if Murray Bittman (Not to be confused with Bobby Bittman from the brilliant SCTV series) is still around, you can't go wrong with Murray. He offers a sensibly-priced, quality garment, which is outsourced and not true custom, but nevertheless an excellent value. Murray made my first suits, and given the good money I threw out with the fancy London tailors I used afterwards, I'd have been much better off sticking with the Bittster. Grayson
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I'm interested to learn more about Mr Ned as well, as well as how he compares to WWChan.
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My second suit from Mr. Ned will be shipped on Monday. I had the final fitting on Thursday. It is completely custom, with three fittings after the measurements are taken and the fabric is ordered. The suits are fully canvassed. You can choose from two level of wool fabrics in stock - 100s or 120s - or you can order fabric from books (VBC, Scabal, Piana & there may be others). Ordering from the books is obviously more expensive. My first suit fit perfectly, but I had issues with the workmanship. They blamed it on the fabric. I then brought it to a custom tailor I know who does good work and without my prompting him, he said that my workmanship issues with that suit were due to the fabric I had selected. My second suit looked perfectly made when I tried it on. I will let you know when I receive it next week. Overall, I am satisfied. That is why I went back. Also, the people there are very nice and accomodating.
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Where are prices with the in-stock fabrics? And what is the house style, if any? And was the fabric they blamed one of the in-house selections?
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$600 for super 100s.  $800 for super $120s.  I read a post once by someone who said he paid $400 for a linen suit.  Working buttonholes are extra, as is hand stitching on the lapels.  One is $25 and the other is $35; I forget which one is which. I get both.  The book fabrics range from $900 to about $1,400, although I haven't looked thorugh all that many. The fabric was an in-stock bolt.  It is a very light color - khaki with more than the usual greenish tint.  You can see some of the stitching work on the canvas through the front of the jacket.  I was told this wouldn't have been so for a darker color.  I didn't see any of this when I examined my new suit in their shop. They pretty much let you make your own style. The shoulders have slight padding. The armholes are high, but not uncomfortably so. I had them give me more waist suppression on my last fitting.
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$600 for super 100s.  $800 for super $120s.
Reality check: This ain't "bespoke".  It's not even "custom".  Murray Bittman got these prices many years ago and his garments were made in a factory. Something's not kosher. Grayson
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You can visit his place yourself and see the people working on the clothes on the premises.  You can order a suit yourself and see how there are three fittings and how you can have it styled to suit your preferences.  Or, you can pay a lot more somewhere else and have that self-assured feeling that you are in the "bespoke" realm when you sign the credit card slip with the number of digits you have in mind and maybe even deal with someone with an English accent. I'm not entirely certain how they are able to price their suits at those levels.  One thing is sure; at Mr. Ned, you are not paying for real estate.  Remember the posts about underselling the Savile Row shops and how that would be difficult given the fixed cost of renting real estate on the Row? I would imagine that they got a good price on the bolts too.  They also have enough work to keep busy all the time. I inspected the place and it is plenty kosher to me.
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Such a deal. Enjoy. Grayson
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I must admit that I am biased. We send customers to each other all the time. I have had suits made by several tailors in New York City including Gilberto, Murray bittman, as well as Mr. Ned. All make wonderful clothes, All are fairly priced. all of them will give you good value for your dollar. Are there Better tailors in NYC? Sure. But you have to pay considerably more money. Mr Ned will give you a classic American suit. Comfortable with a bit of shoulder padding. Full canvas front They are an exceptional value for dress pants. They can do a nice slim cut flat front trouser. Start with one suit. Work out the kinks and then have fun. It is a great way to start your experience of having clothes made for you. I have one customer who had Ned makes his summer suits and a tailor in London to make his winter suits. You could buy a lot worse RTW for more money. Carl
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I kinda get the picture now--It's a machine-made garment. Bespoke usually connotes a handmade garment, cut from a highly individualized pattern, and made stitch by stitch. I'm sure it's a decent suit especially for the money. Grayson
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Measurements are taken, body posture noted, Quirks and requests taken into consideration. Adjustments are made from a block pattern. There are several sets of patterns the cutter works from. From Natural sholder to more shoulder.The cutter does not take the measurements. Basted fitting with a machine padded front. collar and sleeves are all set by hand. Fitting before buttonholes are cut and then a final fitting. Not True bespoke, but better then some of those travesties that members of this board have experienced. There is not a lot of ego involved by Ned or his son Varham, who is now the owner. They are in the business to make clothes. Not impose their vision
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I am getting squeezed in by the kosher inspector on one side and the maven on the other. I am glad to have the maven support me. Pictures are always best actually seen, rather than conjured up in your own mind.
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Don't worry, you'll probably have the last laugh---Your suit(s) will likely come out better than many guys' suits from fancy London "bespoke" tailors who charge much more money and deliver far less impressive results. Grayson
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Pictures are always best actually seen, rather than conjured up in your own mind.
Would you be willing to post pics of your first Mr. Ned suit? I hope to stop by his shop once I get some shirts from Shirtmaven. Marc - In case this hasn't been mentioned often enough, I would love to see pics of your many bespoke items as well.
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