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Are these shoes worth $90

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Looks like the salt stains can be cleaned or dyed over. What about the rest of the shoe (sole, shape). I guess this A.Santoni is the real soft leather.

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ya, I guess so <edit> I've seen 90$ go to worse shoes but those aren't in the best of shape. Also, I've seen testoni going for 150ish at local shops.
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I would not.
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Hell no.
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90 bux is alot of money .

for some that is one days worth of wages.

you going to spend a day's worth of wages on that shoes??
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That's what I thought. Thanks for the feedback.
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Those salt stains will not likely clean up with just some water, soap and polish. That salt has worked its way into the leather. You'll usually find that salt stains in poorly cared for shoes, no matter how many times you wet and wipe away the surface salt and then polish them, will reappear within the day. You can try to apply some vinegar to draw the salt out of the leather and really recondition and treat that leather; but it still may not fully return to its original luster and quality. I know because, back when I was a heathen, I ruined a pair of dress shoes that way. Salt never came out completely, despite repeated valiant attempts by my shoe shine. I wouldn't pay $20 for those. Save the $90 towards a better cared for pair.
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not worth it.
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Maybe send the seller the link to
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Originally Posted by chorse123 View Post
Hell no.


Wait... which way is the money going? Is someone paying you $90 to wear his stink-ass shoes?
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No matter what you do, the salt stains will always rise back up.
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only if you wanna do some antiquing experiment
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is our opinion really worth $90 of your money?
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those shoes look like they stink.
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No. Too risky for an experiment.
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