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The trunk show postcard, in addition to the EG name (logo), etc. and Sky's address and phone, describes Edward Green in about 3 sentences and then says to "Come Visit Us for a Trunk Show May 13 and 14, 2005." No times are listed, so presumably the regular store hours apply. However, Adam told me that the two EG reps said they'd be happy to stay at the store as late as 8pm to meet with customers.
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Some inspiration/anticipation:
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my God I love Edward Green shoes, why o why must they be so expensive...
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LOL Kabert, I hope the Sky Valet guys read the forum, because you have definitely earned a discount
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I've just come from the trunk show.  Very, very impressive.  They have perhaps 40 Edward Green models on display -- from boots to laceups to slipons, monks too, in a very wide variety of lasts.  Two or 3 different spectators.  TWO pairs of shoes (one lace-up one slip-on) in a stunning "antique olive green."  The green was simply out of this world.  Their book of skins also has an antique marine blue that is incredible too.  Want Dover's that are bi-colored -- antique green with antique blue?  Want Dover's that are fitted with golf spikes?  Now's your chance.  The message the EG reps gave was --these aren't bespoke, but they are close to it -- basically "made to your design" -- the sky's the limit as far as skins, lasts, soles, and any of the shoe features they offer -- want wingcap rather than captoe, no broguing, very small hole broguing, small/large alternating broguing, captoe of a different shade of leather, etc.  They can accommodate all of those requests at the trunk show.  Pretty cool. An interesting crowd was there while I was there including an Asian guy who spent the whole time on his cell phone talking in what sounded like Japanese; one guy who took off a clearly bespoke suit jacket (red/cream paisley lining) while getting measured; and one guy who was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt who said he had come down from Philadelphia for the trunk show (who ordered 4 or 5 pairs, including a pair of monogrammed house slippers). I actually was there for well over an hour, spending most of the time talking with the shoemaker (Alex) who was there both showing how he stitches shoes with a boar's bristle and answering my dozens (literally) of questions about lasts, colors, skins, soles, refurbishing, and on and on.  I should have brought a recording device along... Having been away from the office for too long... I'll post some of the info I got from Alex this weekend. I placed an order for a pair of the Halifax boots, double leather sole, dark oak antique, in last 606.  I plan to go back tomorrow too and place another order (Sky is only 5 minutes from my house) -- I need to nail down what I want--probably Shannon boots. By the way, the very nice lady who took my order spent at least 20 minutes measuring my feet, drawing an outline, using tape and a measuring device and taking notes the whole time.  She told me all kinds of things about the shape of my feet that I never knew -- that too was very educational.  Most interesting, she told me difficult words for a man to hear -- they're not as long as you think they are.  I've always thought I could wear 13s.  She instead told me my left foot is between 11-1/2 and 12 US and right foot is between 12 and 12-1/2 US. A half-size difference.  Wide in the toe area but narrow in the heel/arch.  Maybe for once, I'll get shoes that fit properly and aren't based on guesswork when I buy 'em on Ebay.  (My brother and father have profited nicely as I give to them my EBay shoe purchases that don't fit quite right.)  One other plus for having had my shoes measured out -- now and forever I can call up EG and place an order and they'll have my measurements on file. Prices are mostly $840.  Hand-stitched shoes, such as Dover (and Halifax boots) are a little more.  Most boots are around $950.  These shoes are so unique and so beautiful, and the opportunity to get exactly what I want is so rare (a first for those of us in the DC area), lead me to believe this is money well spent. For those planning on going, give yourself plenty of time, and consider going during off hours (like today).  You'll want to ogle and paw at the shoes, munch on their munchies, sip the wine, and ask questions of the two EG reps.  Plus, the care they take in measuring feet takes a bit of time.
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Prices are mostly $840.  Hand-stitched shoes, such as Dover (and Halifax boots) are a little more.  Most boots are around $950.  .
That's a good price. ARGH. I'm going to be there from 2-3 tomorrow, probably before and probably after too. And I'll be hawking my blood and anything else to afford a new pair...
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It's a shame I'm missing the event. I won't be in DC for another ten days...
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(kabert @ May 13 2005,12:23) Prices are mostly $840.  Hand-stitched shoes, such as Dover (and Halifax boots) are a little more.  Most boots are around $950.  .
That's a good price.
Those prices, by the way, are simply regular Edward Green prices. There's no add-on for the trunk show orders.
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Do the EG reps make last recommendations based upon the measurement of your foot?  What is the estimated turnaround time? Damn, that $10K tax refund is burning a hole in my pocket.  
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A/C, I was told that shoes ordered now can be expected to arrive in July.  Also, I think they will make recommendations if you ask for them.  I did.  I asked for their thoughts on my feet and lasts 82, 202, 606 and 888, for example.  I never knew, for example, that the 606 is the 202 but with a squared-off toe?
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Full service for the price of retail -- that's a pretty good deal, relatively speaking of course.  Knowing how your feet will fit various lasts sure is valuable information for eBay purposes.  Of course, if your feet require different size shoes, you've got another problem entirely . . .
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One other cool tidbit about the trunk show -- for shoes with an antique finish (most of them), you can specify whether you'd like more or less "burnishing" of the shoes' finish. One of the reps told me that there are three men at EG who do nothing but hand-burnish the shoes (part of which involves using a mechanical spinning wheel that "burns" (the rep's words) the leather to create the antique effect) -- thus, each pair of shoes is unique. This obviously explains why sometimes dark oak looks closer to burnt pine (surprisingly light) and sometimes it is a very dark brown. It also explains why one of the antique green shoes they have at the trunk show is unquestionably green whereas another seemed to have alot more black mixed in (though both were labelled as the same antique green color).
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Sorry to have missed the rush today when I hear you all were there. I arrived around 4:15, and after about 4:45, had the store to myself until the T-storm cleared out around 5:45.
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Kabert, you pusher. I showed up and was seduced (no, not literally, sorry Suzie) into placing an order... Was very glad to meet fellow Forumers medwards, Duveen, modsquad, AC, LJVA and others; although I do remember hearing a somehow disappointed "That's RJman?." from someone -- if I'd known I'd have shaved and gotten my hair cut before coming. Splendid array of models, comprehensive fitting done by Suzie the Green woman; hours spent discussing lastology and Greenetics (yes, like some addictive cult invented by L Ron Hubbard)... Fun had by all I hope.
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