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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Thomas Joshua Cooper 'A Quality of Dancing'

Laszlo Moholy Nagy 'View from the radio tower, Berlin' 1928                                       some photo of Hashima Island

Post O'alls blog

Full Metal Jacket                                                                             Post O'alls blog - vintage 1st pattern BDU jacket

Richard Mosse - infrared photos in DR Congo, 2012

Nepenthes Remix SS14                                                                                                                          this guy

my photo- Mottisfont Abbey gardens                                                                                 Nepenthes NY styling

Warehouse x Lee jacket                                                                         Gordon Matta-Clark 'Conical Intersect'

Engineered Garments SS10 styled by Doo-bop                                                                                  ep5d.com


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you're speaking my language, @MS007. That James Fowkes piece is really cool.
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Do away with things
Exclude buttons, zippers, hooks
Preach wrapping and cocooning
Refuse cuts, darts, holes and even closures
Invent your own folds
Validate liquid draping
Activate your nomadic self
Transport non-forms to a state of formality
Instill tribalism into the everyday 
Ooze self-sufficiency
Neutralize all of the above, wrap it up and restart



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