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You're inspiring me to get an awesome rug.

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i would like a hat for the summer to wander under the brutal sun

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I want something straw so I can chill by the pool while smoking a habano and doing a crossword puzzle.
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Actually inspiration is always got from a fascinated thing or the things which may fascinate you.So its all up to you that how  do you get inspiration and after this what sort of dresses you want to wear.Even two persons can be attracted from a single thing in different way.So inspiration is  our own perception indeed.

T Shirts with Sayings

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My first (and only?) post in this thread cracks me up. I'm trying to recall my mindset at that time, since I don't think I ever felt inclined to don the Canadian Tuxedo or really hideous patterned coats.
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Did you see that Serpico collection from some Japanese label ?

edit: mmmh maybe it's been posted in your thread already... maybe that's where I saw it ...
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Can't remember if it was posted in 2 Cool thread, but it's pretty great. Looks like someone even commented on the blog about it satisfied.gif
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It strike me now that the model is more of a Paul McCartney
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there is some resemblance to him

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there is some resemblance to him

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