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Love this outfit. Color matching is just superb.
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This movie's been inspiring me for a while. Both Newman and Redford look awesome the entire film.
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Originally Posted by sipang View Post

++missoni. that looks superfly
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I have this missoni summer shirt that I wear and people think I'm being a pervert when I wear it. Sigh.
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^ Ah, to suffer for one's art. I'm still decided to buy some Missoni knit eventually, just need to find some on sale.
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finally found this image. I'd seen it once during my bullshit 'i'm 13 and all into punk music' phase... and it struck a chord, I look at it know and not only the 'riddle finger' is inspring but the garb of the protesters as well. It speaks volumes to me, these kids aren't dressed up in pretense like me, you, or anyone in the present. change a few things and this could be last year, or even today depending on where you were. it inspires me so much, and I can't tell you how excited I am to have finally found it.
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French, are they? Gotta say, that looks like the young cigar guy there in the front right.
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nope, Chicago 1 9 6 8
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Originally Posted by robbie View Post
nope, Chicago 1 9 6 8
So they're the guys that got the police to riot. Cool.

You'd never expect it from folks wearing saddle shoes, desert boots, and moccasins.
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Does he post here?
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Japanese psychedelic young haino keiji style steez love it looveeee ittt
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