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I like pictures like that where a piece of clothing that's trendy now makes it seem like the dude time traveled.
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Uniqlo flannels from last year are that exact pattern robbie, i have one i need to get tailored actually.
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The ability to accessorize is so key.


Gotta love the fireman's gloves.
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many of these are utterly uninspiring, offense intended.
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^Great movie. Karen Black is hard to look at.
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agreed. she really nails the whiny biatch i am trapped in a shitty relationship with a she-beast part, though.
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Originally Posted by wmmk View Post

Walk softly and carry a big stick.
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There was an interview with the guy in this photo on racked.
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nice to see someone actually post something even tangentially related to style in this thread
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That bike
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Originally Posted by barims View Post

This is fucking awesome.
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yeah that's really cool.
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