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jjjjound ftw
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Though I haven't posted much on here, I have been trolling for a while. After reading Whodini's post on where this forum was going, I thought an inspiration thread would be interesting. A quick search found that one had just been created (a may be a noob to this forum, but not to forums in general). Someday I will get around to posting some waywt pic's, like when the weather is appropriate for outfits of this style. Cuz i'm probably the most preppy/trad person in Bozeman, MT. pics courtesy of the Sartorialist
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Life Magazine...

for real, i wish it was still everywhere. I think our country needs its watered down propaganda... or at least decent photo-journalism.
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Tennis, anyone? Maybe buttsechs later?
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That's funny that you mention Life magazine, as I was just at the library at Montana State, and noticed a framed copy of the first issue of Life. On the cover is a photo of the Fort Peck dam, which located in one of the crappier parts of our state.
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On a random note, Life's photographic archive is available online through Google Images. Just add "source:life" to the search query.
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I almost bought that issue for 2-3 dollars once, wish i had... I would love to have a big long 2 big long red strips along my bookshelf(LIFE,TIME), along with a yellow one as well (Nat'l Geographic) with each issue from say 44-64 or something crazy. in that regard I am a packrat who hoards print material to draw inspiration from later. yeah, but the google archive only has images... no articles, no advertisements. good but not quite the same.
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Jefferson Hack, co-founder of Dazed and Confused. everything seems to always look great on him IMHO.

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I'm finding myself really attracted to minimalism lately, nothing extreme, mainly the cut and the fabric. Oh, and for some reason, I'm infatuated by the style of the 1950's and 60's g-men :P
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Mod Rocker styles of the 60's

Beatle boots!!
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Originally Posted by JFKJean View Post
Mod Rocker styles of the 60's

Beatle boots!!

Hell yah!
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I don't really use anything specifically for inspiration, just absorb my surroundings and put them in a mental bag and mix it all up. Then I buy dope ish that is somewhat arcane. I then wear what I feel like wearing depending on the level of g-ness I desire to achieve.
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