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Originally Posted by voxsartoria View Post
You could live pretty decently in both cities with about $1M going out the door annually in taxes, food, clothes, and paper products (cups, plates, napkins). Other stuff, too, like nice ink for your fountain pens and contributions to the political party of your choice. Cable.

Once you drop down to around $250K, though, you would have to move to somewhere like Indiana or maybe San Francisco to get by.

- B

This is the sort of cogent analysis we come to SF for
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Originally Posted by crazyquik View Post
This is the sort of cogent analysis we come to SF for

For $2M/year, you can live fairly well in Toronto since you can apply about $1.9M of that to heating oil, $10K to food and habitation costs, and $90K to strippers and so on.

The main issue with living in Toronto is the phrase, "Downtown Core," which is liable to drive one insane after hearing it more than 100 times.

Another good Canadian city is Seattle.

- B
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I've lived in both, and like they say, i love ny.
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Originally Posted by JSC4President View Post
In terms of academia (i am super geek boy, so this $hit concerns me)... i tend to think University of Chicago is better than Columbia and NYU. Although Columbia and UofC are pretty close. ok.. just my 2 cents. More Nobel Prizes in Economics out of Univ Chicago than anywhere else.
but obama went to columbia and columbia still has more http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of...ty_affiliation that being said, i'd give new york the nod on grounds that it has more cultural history and current pull, both new and established. chicago is nice though, just too cold honestly. i want to move to the northwest though.
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I honestly hope that this thread is a joke. New York is NYC. Thats it. Enough said.
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Originally Posted by NotoriousMarquis View Post
I honestly hope that this thread is a joke. New York is NYC. Thats it. Enough said.

Are you a self-loathing Chicagoan?

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i like chicago, good people. i like london, good humour. i like la, good weather. i like tokyo, clean.

but there is only one town.
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I love my city but would have to actually live in New York for awhile to truly make a choice.
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It's true that Chicago's top tier is more or less equal to NYC's, but that alone does not make them peers. At almost every other level, NYC wins.

NYC clearly has better French, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Turkish/Middle Eastern, Jewish delis, Mid-range fine dining, Food carts, Pastries, Spanish, Puerto Rican, soul food, etc.

Some of the few things that Chicago does better are hot dogs, Thai, Greek and Mexican (surprisingly).

I'll call it a draw on pizza.
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That last sentence is grounds for banning
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Arguably, Northwestern/UChicago beats NYU/Columbia. But NYC undisputably has a more intellectual climate, especially given the critical mass of graduates from top schools in the Northeast and elsewhere.
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Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser View Post

NYC is better in an absolute sense, but Chicago is more livable. You don't have to be rich to be middle-class in Chicago. To put it another way, I'd rather visit NYC but I'd rather live in Chicago.

Earlier today i received an email from HR advising that the NY and Chicago offices are accepting applications. Thinking about transferring to one of these cities in the summer. Never visited Chicago but I'm i keep hearing good things about the city. I visit NYC about every year and each time I have a blast. Not sure if this would translate into an enjoyable multi-year stay. Some info about me:

25 years old
Work in tax
Looking to stay for ~2 years
Make ~65K
Originally Posted by Connemara View Post

Next up: Chicago v. New York v. D.C. v. San Francisco!

SF sticks out like a sore thumb. Lived there for a year and its unlike any place in the country. Not better or worse, just different
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I would go for chicago just because new york has a ridiculous cost of living. You definitely will have to downgrade your lifestyle if you want to live in new york city with the same salary.
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In my experience, people in Chicago tend to be more laid back, whereas New Yorkers are not..


NYC is fun to visit, but it is just too crowded for my taste. Chicago is known for its architecture.


To me, NY is quite dirty, whereas Chicago is not..


Both cities are very humid in summer though...

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NAMOR!!!!! sup babi??

i think it really depends on the person, they are both great towns. great shopping, food and culture. chi town is less hustle bustle tho. if you have been to NY before and enjoyed all that hustle bustle and had a blast, for a 2 year stay i would say NY. for a more permanent thing i would vote chi town tho.
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