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Simpsons on vhs

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i got a whole tub full of simpson cartoons in box sets on vhs. from my brother who was a simpson's fanatic (and make references to simpsons whenever we converse in ANYTHING) who had me store them and just collecting dust.
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wow, brother. do people there still use vhs?
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Are you selling them individually or as a tubfull?
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Originally Posted by acidicboy View Post
wow, brother. do people there still use vhs?

I do. What's the price Sho?
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i dont even know if it would even be worth it to ship. i mean it is vhs tapes. about 15 of them. shipping alone would be way too much.

i prefer pick up locally.

at the south coast plaza.

just treat me to lunch. i will give you the whole tubload.
(or 10 bucks i go get lunch on my own)
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I doubt jpeirpont wants to pay for a coast to coast roundtrip ticket.

Why not try craigslist. That should work locally.
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I had a part time job in an office building when I was in college. One day I went out back to throw some big stuff in the dumpster and there were two big black garbage bags in there. Nothing unusual about that but the bags weren't tied closed so as I was heaving my garbage over the side I caught a glimpse of the contents. Tons of VHS tapes. All porn. I looked around and luckily it was Saturday so there was hardly anyone around except for the tweeker in the run down duplex across the alley.. packing up and moving! It had to have been his, collected over who knows how many years. Thank you! I quickly put them in the trunk of my car and when I got home I counted something like 90 tapes. All 80's stuff, hair everywhere, no plastic surgery. Ended up giving them away to my friends several tapes at a time and then finally dumped the last 30 or so tapes on one guy.
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Ok craiglist out of the question. I don't want to meet any crazies.
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