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Grensons in Daffy's Phila

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...$69-130. FYI. There is a God, and He is not partial to New Yorkers...
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That is a pretty good price. Thanks for the heads up. I will have to stop over there early next week.
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If anyone sees any nice dress shoes in an 11.5 or 12 (medallion toe or plain toe), please let me know. Finders fee and all that other good stuff provided. Want lace ups only. Thanks.
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I doubt they'll be Masterpiece range like the ones at Paul Stuart sales. They'll probably be Footmaster or Feathermaster ranges. Even if they're not MP range, they're still a good price but still no comparison to the PS price for MP.
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is there truly a quality difference that corresponds to the mark-up of the other Grenson lines vs. MPs? i mean, do they really last that much longer? from a utilitarian perspective, i find the retail mark-up unjustified.
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The masterpieces that I've seen have better uppers, insoles, and construction than the lower lines. I don't know that that translates to longer life, but it's certainly a better life for whatever that's worth. I don't remember what the second line is called, but I would still consider it a good buy at those prices should you find a style you like. dan
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Called the store. Was told only size was 8. Did not inquire further.
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