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Can't wait to smoke some legal grass man!
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Legalize it and tax it.
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Originally Posted by Thomas View Post
Legalize it and tax it.

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watch yer testicals!!!! Zomg
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Think about how much crime it would stop.
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Whatever gets the LOLkwilkies thread up and running.
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Would have been interesting if there were a decriminalization option.
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Marihuana makes me nauseous.
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I need some Doritos
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Admittedly I haven't looked at the issue extensively (which I should, given how close Canada came to decriminalizing marijuana a few years ago), but I don't see the point of decriminalization versus legalization. I don't see why you would simply reduce punishments to fines and so on when it is equally or less harmful than alcohol. I am under the impression that alcohol is "legal," not "decriminalized," and I think pot should be treated the same way - don't do it on the street, don't do it and drive.
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Legalize, tax, regulate, require a license to sell, offer drug counseling to those in need, puff, puff, give.
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