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Peccary gloves

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Did the individuals who went in on the peccary gloves group buy ever receive their gloves?  If so, how is the quality?
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It never happened. I emailed housemaidsknee (the one who ordered the sample pair(s)) and bumped the thread a while back, but never heard back. I know someone who speaks Chilean Spanish now; perhaps I will get her in on it and do the whole deal myself. I can also line up logistics to distro the whole mess if we get a bunch of people together. I'll order up a sample pair sometime soon.
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Bump Any action on this? The sample gloves ever arrive?
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I never ordered because I found some source that was selling similar gloves in the US already and didn't feel like bothering with it. I also never heard back from housemaidsknee.
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now THAT is a bump.
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ahh. didnt happen. any way to revive this?
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I would also be interested in this or any other group peccary glove buy.
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I am looking at a line of Peccary gloves in NY next week. Have not carried these before. Anything I should look for to assess quality? What is a retail price range for these?
This a source from Europe, will inquire where they are made and report back what I discover.
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