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Florence and Rome: Shirtmakers?

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I will in Florence and Rome for a combined 10 days starting early next week, and am looking for shirtmakers. I've gleaned the names of Siviglia and Cafelli in Rome, and Bugelli and Stefanelli in Florence from this board and others. I am looking for a reasonably priced shirt, say $80-$150, and really am interested more in getting something that fits than exquisite, luxury fabrics, etc. Tall and relatively thin, I need sleeves that are 36.5" or so. Can't find many in a trim 15.5 neck in RTW, thus the need for MTM (which reminds me, I have to put up for sale a Lorenzini formal shirt from eBay that was mis-measured). I've done MTM before in the US with varying results and want to try an Italian maker. I've found Patro in Lucca on the web, and may visit there. Looking for other suggestions - the names I mentioned above appear to be on top end, and probably out of my price range. When I've walked through the streets of these cities, especially Rome, there seem to be so many makers...
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There was a nice shirtmaker shop in Florence right across the Arno (by the Embassy, I think), but I can't for the life of me remember the name, sorry. Battistoni in Rome is probably out of your indicated price range, but it couldn't hurt to look. koji
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A very good shirtmaker in Rome is Caleffi. They do also MTM suits and they have handmade ties and shoes.

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If you've a little free time, just wander the streets, particularly the less populated ones, and see what they offer. Ask questions. You'll find in these towns the staff have at least rudimentary English to guide you through the typical Q&As.
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You'll find plenty of tailors in Rome and Florence. I bought a shirt from Byron shirtmakers at the Spanish steps in Rome, the fabric was very light (summertime) but not so smooth. The stitiching was very good, but no pattern matching. Loved the collar and the fit was fairly slim. It was an impulse purchase so I did not have time to inquire as to custom fitting (2 days on a tour), and had to go with a larger collar to get the right sleeve length (I think Italians have short arms) but it was overall a good shirt. The price was probably just below the lower end of your range, but I would think that any customization would add to the price. Very nice people in the store, BTW.

Curiously enough, the Spanish steps are pretty much in from of Via Condotti, the high-end shopping street in Rome, so we were told. Beautiful place. You should have no trouble finding a good tailor in that vicinity.
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